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Top sales conferences for sales pros

5 Sales Conferences for Serious Sales Leaders

Last Updated on February 16, 2021

Top sales conferences for sales pros

When you’re in sales, you can never get complacent.

While the fundamental sales principles largely stay the same, little else does. Tools change. Strategies change. Workplaces and workforces change. Culture changes.

The most successful sales professionals stay ahead of the curve.

Sales conferences are one of the best ways to evolve and to meet new people in the industry. They often have some of the best and brightest influencers sharing valuable insights. And of course, you can do some serious networking while you’re there.

There are plenty of quality sales and marketing conferences taking place around the country every year.

Here are five top candidates to consider for your calendar.

10X Growth Conference

Grant Cardone, sales expert and best-selling author of  The 10X Rule, leads an all-star line-up in this growth-focused conference.

“The 10X Growth Conference was created for forward thinkers, trailblazers, “10X’ers”, entrepreneurs, sales professionals and business owners who seek to set the tone by which the marketplace follows,” reads the website.

This 3-day (4 for VIPs and Premier ticket holders) event in Vegas runs from February 22-28, 2018. Day 1 focuses on sales. Day 2 on marketing. And day 3 on business and life success.

Social Media Marketing World

Social media has steadily grown more and more important as a sales tool, and this conference features several big names with a vast knowledge of social media marketing.

This conference takes place from February 28 to March 2 in 2018, and it will feature venture capitalist and author Guy Kawasaki, Facebook marketing expert Mari Smith and content creator Ann Handley.

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To top it all off, this conference takes place in sunny San Diego.

Sales Summit

This conference covers just about everything you’d want to know about selling, making it ideal for taking your performance to the next level.

One of the nice things about Sales Summit is that there are a few of these conferences throughout the year. There’s a one-week conference/cruise out of Orlando in April, a two-day conference in New York City in May and another two-day conference in Los Angeles in June.

At the end of the year, there’s even a three-day online conference.


If you’ve done much in online sales or marketing, you’ve probably heard of Moz, as it’s a big name in SEO and digital marketing, offering quite a few valuable products.

You can expect that same level of quality when you go to MozCon, which features an excellent mix of industry veterans and upstarts that have burst onto the scene.

There are speakers from HubSpot, Etsy, Moz itself and many more companies coming to Seattle for MozCon from July 9 to July 11, 2018.


DreamForce, hosted by Salesforce , is amazing at pulling together a group of diverse big-name speakers with helpful insights. The 2017 conference, which took place in San Francisco in early November, had Michelle Obama and Ashton Kutcher.

Besides the speeches, DreamForce also has training and certification programs available, giving you the opportunity to improve your skillset in a short period of time.

There’s no info out about DreamForce 2018 yet, but it’s worth saving the date so that you’re among the first to know about it.

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Wrapping Up 5 Sales Conferences for Serious Sales Leaders…

Attending at least one or two sales conferences each year is a great way to keep motivation high, skills sharp, and connections fresh. When you pick a conference, try to register early, as there are often lower prices when you register in advance.

To recap, here are sales conferences to consider attending over the next year:

  • 10X Growth Conference is all about peak performance in sales, marketing, and life.
  • Social Media Marketing World is full of information on conquering the world of social media.
  • Sales Summit has multiple conferences each year that can improve your sales skills.
  • MozCon boasts a fantastic lineup of speakers and focuses on digital marketing.
  • DreamForce brings in big-name speakers and even offers training programs you can complete while you attend the conference.

Now it’s your turn. Which conferences have you attended and which gets your top recommendation?