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Tips to End Your Sales Slump

5 Ways to End Your Sales Slump

Last Updated on February 16, 2021

Tips to End Your Sales Slump

We all fall into slumps from time to time.

Some people stay in those slumps for a while, while others seem to wiggle their way out of them in no time flat. Just like that, they’re back to their successful ways, rolling along like nothing happened.

Since slumps are a part of sales – it pays to have a plan to work through them, regain and maintain your motivation, and keep rolling along. Lest they a cause lasting downward spiral – and that’s just an option.

So today, we’ll give you some strategies to re-motivate, re-invigorate, and end your sales slump.

1. Read the Right Books

When you’re in a slump, it’s usually a combination of two things: 1) you’re mindset is a little off and 2) your technique is slacking.

With the right books, you can work through both of these issues. You can choose books that help you with the “inner game” of your line of work, like selling, as well as the technical part.

These books can serve as reminders of what to do right, as well as alert you as to what you’re doing wrong.

They can often be just the nudge in the right direction that you need.

Here are some powerful books to get you started…

Podcasts are another great option for some easy-to-digest sales wisdom.

2. Focus on Small Improvements

When you’re in the midst of a slump, it can seem like nothing is going right. This can cause that downward spiral we talked about.

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But by focusing on small improvements, you can begin to improve your overall technique. They say, “The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.”

You’ll feel like you’re making progress, and this feeling can be enough to change everything.

So pick one thing to work on:

  • Take a look at your voicemail script and make it better
  • Revise your opening sales statement so that more calls result in a conversation
  • Focus on asking better questions
  • Think about how you can come off as more genuine, more solution focused
  • Work on improving your mindset through mindfulness
  • Rework your email follow-up

3. Create a Strong Morning Routine

Without some sort of structure, it’s difficult to succeed in any endeavor. If you’re in a slump, odds are you’ve probably lost a bit of your structure.

But you can gain that back by creating and sticking to a strong morning routine.

You can fill your routine with powerful habits like:

  • Meditation
  • Cold shower
  • 5-minute journal
  • Exercise

This way, from the moment you get up, you are structuring your day for success.

4. Talk to Great People

Sometimes you just need other people to talk some sense into you.

Talk to a mentor, or a successful co-worker. You can even talk to your friends, be honest about your slump, and have a vulnerable conversation about what you can do to get out of the slump.

Sometimes, they’ll point out things that you’ve never realized, and ask you the tough questions that you were afraid to ask yourself, or simply clarify what it is you need to work on.

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It can be just with the doctor ordered to regain your motivation and end the sales slump.

5. Refocus Your Vision

Often times when you’re in a slump, it’s at least partly because you’ve lost sight of your longer-term vision. In other words, you’ve forgotten why you’re doing all of this in the first place.

It’s time to refocus your vision.

How do you do that? You have to dig a little deep.

We suggest doing the simple exercise we outline in the blog post:

How to Understand Your Deeper Motivations for Sales Success


We all face slumps – but with these strategies, you can work through the slumps quickly, stay motivated, and get back to crushing it!

What other strategies have you used to stay motivated when you’re in a slump? Let us know in the comments below.