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6 Tips for Sales Prospecting on LinkedIn

Sales Prospecting on LinkedInLinkedIn is a powerful network. Its membership numbers are staggering—332 million members worldwide, and over 107 million in the USA alone.

But what’s perhaps more impressive is that many of the members are very active—over 40% check LinkedIn daily.

It might be the most powerful prospecting tool in your arsenal—that is, if you know how to use it.

If you do have a good LinkedIn strategy, you can optimize your sales prospecting and turn those cold calls into warmer ones, and boost your sales numbers.

Here are 6 tips for sales prospecting on LinkedIn…

1. Don’t Miss a Chance to Connect

Contacts are the currency of LinkedIn, so you need to seize every opportunity to connect. Connections build on each other. First level connections open the doors to second and third level connections, allowing you to scale your network. Be sure to send a connection request whenever you meet someone online or offline.

Mutual connections are powerful when it comes to reaching out to prospects. And if you can connect with your leads, even better!

2. Join Relevant Groups

Do you target a certain type of organization or industry? Odds are, there are many relevant LinkedIn groups. Join those groups and act as a resource by answering questions.

Relevant groups can give you further insights into what’s happening in a prospect’s company, allow you see more of an individual prospect’s details (like their full name), and gives you more capability to make more connections.

3. Map Your Prospects

With a little detective work, you can map out the decision makers within your target prospects. People put a lot of information on their profiles—which team they’re on, which office they work from, what projects they’re focusing on.

You can get a clear picture of who you should be talking to, so you can skip the middlemen.

4. Track Competitor Activity

Who are your competitors linking up with? Their connections can be a great source for new prospects—and at the very least, you’ll learn more about your competition.

5. Follow Prospect/Customer Actions

Follow the new contacts and recent LinkedIn activities of your current customers and prospects. This will help you uncover potential opportunities. You may notice that they’re connecting with vendors or other businesses that would be a good fit for your products or services.

6. Interact with Prospects/Connections

When you interact with your prospects/connections before you call them, you gain familiarity and make your “cold” calls much warmer. Here are some great ways to interact:

  • Participate in discussions regularly
  • Send messages to 2nd and 3rd degree connections
  • Do your connections blog? If so, make sure to read and comment
  • Endorse your connections
  • “Like” their status updates


Linkedin is one of the most powerful tools for sales prospecting. Using these tips, you can find more quality prospects for your sales calls, and boost your success rate.

Have you used Linkedin for sales prospecting? If so, what are some ways you’ve had success with it? Tweet us or comment below and let us know!