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6 Ways to Boost Sales Team Effectiveness

Sales Manager Tips for Effective Sales TeamsYour sales team is one of the engines that power your business forward. The team closes sales, brings in revenue, and keeps your business functioning at a high level.

When your sales team is in a slump, the rest of the business feels it…

But when they are excelling, everything else in the business becomes easier.

So, how you do get your sales team functioning at a high level? How do you push them forward, help them beat their goals, and make them more effective?

Here are 4 strategies for sales team effectiveness.

1. Bring in the Right Talent

It all starts here. The quality of your sales team members determines how challenging it will be to have success.

Here’s some questions to think about when hiring:

  • Are they coachable and eager to improve, or do they have the attitude that they have it “all figured out”?
  • Do their goals align with the company’s goals?
  • Have they demonstrated leadership, passion and persistence in the past?
  • Do they have a track record to stand on?

Make sure to pay close attention to their overall vibe as well. Does it match up with the culture of your sales team? Will this person fit in well with the other members?

2. Analyze Habits and Performance

It’s critical to know what your sales team is up to, and the state of their pipeline. That means regularly monitoring both team metrics, as well as individual metrics to see how agents are stacking up.

How many dials are they making? How many leads are in their pipeline? Are they giving up on leads too early, or following up repeatedly?

Regularly analyzing the data will help you assess training needs.

Note: PhoneBurner Team Accounts include a manager’s dashboard which includes access to valuable reports and analytics, dial session logs, call recordings, and more to help you manage your reps and team.

3. Incorporate Better Training

Good analysis leads to better training. Your sales team should be constantly learning and improving. That includes both addressing skill gaps as well as building on successes.

While learning “in the field” on live sales calls is important, interactive training is also crucial. With the right training, you can help team members perfect the sales process and improve their skill.

Here’s some ways you can better train your team:

  • Sales mentors – set aside a day each week where your top and most experienced sales people “mentor” newer and struggling sales reps.
  • Role playing – Put your sales reps in real-life scenarios where they have to deliver. Critique them on their performance and provide feedback on how they can do better.
  • Shadowing – This can work both on calls and on in-person sales. And it can be done two ways. You can have a newer sales rep shadow an experienced sales rep and learn from them, or vice versa, and the experienced sales rep can give them feedback.

4. Motivate Them

Motivation is a big part of success – it helps drive sales reps further than they thought they could go, and aligns them on a common goal.

You can motivate them in the form on inspiration, with something as simple as a “pump-up” speech to start the day, or you can do something more hands-on, like creating competition among team members. Some friendly competition can help reps put in just that little bit of extra “oomph” that pushes the sale forward.

5. Set Goals. Celebrate Success.

Goals are critical to sales success. Your team should know what’s expected of them in terms of effort (ie. calls per week), and what sales goals they’re trying to achieve.

When success happens, celebrate it! Call out good performances. Reward achievement. Make success contagious.

6. Give Them the Right Tools

What tools can help your sales team succeed?

Look at your team’s specific sales processes and workflow, and research tools that will improve their productivity, eliminate repetitive tasks, or sell better. Here are just a few examples…

  • A project management tool, like Asana
  • A team communication app, like Slack
  • An appointment scheduling tool, like Calendly
  • An email, attachment, and link tracking tool, like PhoneBurner’s SmartSender

Tools are a great way to save time and ensure that your sales team spends their time doing what is MOST valuable.

What other strategies have you used to make your sales team more effective? Let us know in the comments below!