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Slow sales month quotes to push your forward

7 Quotes to Push You Forward During a Slow Sales Month

Last Updated on February 16, 2021

Slow sales month quotes to push your forward

Like life, sales has its ups and downs.

When you hit a peak it feels glorious. But when you hit those valleys it can feel downright devastating. Sometimes you can even begin to feel like no matter how hard you try, you simply cannot meet your monthly quota or revenue target.

Whether the cause of your sales slump is the season, your skillset, your mindset, or something else, having some inspiration can really be helpful.

Here are seven quotes that can give you the right perspective and push you forward during a slow sales month.

“Don’t sell life insurance. Sell what life insurance does.”
– Ben Feldman

You don’t have to sell insurance to benefit from this quote – it’s true no matter what you’re selling. Slumps are often caused when salespeople focus on what they’re selling rather than what their prospects are really buying.

Instead of focusing on your numbers during your sales slump, focus on the people you’re selling to the problem you’re helping them solve.

Sales coach Michael Pedone sums this up perfectly when he discusses putting the needs of others first. When you stop trying to close deals and focus instead on helping people, everything changes.

“Timid salesmen have skinny kids.”
– Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar is widely regarded as one of the best sales motivational speakers who ever lived. He gained his fame by being one of the few sales trainers out there who would give sales professionals the hard truth.

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The fact is, if you lose that aggressive edge that brought you success in the first place, you and your family will have to deal with those consequences. When a month gets slow, that is exactly the time to think about your family and push yourself to be as productive as you can possibly be.

“Sales success comes after you stretch yourself past your limits on a daily basis.”
– Omar Periu

When sales professionals have a good month, they tend to feel comfortable pushing harder and taking chances to see the kind of results they can get. Often, it’s those confidence-fueled chances that drive success to new heights.

But when you’re in a slump, you’re more likely to question and doubt yourself and pull back. Don’t. Keep pushing those limits of persistence and productivity.

“There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. But with hard work, there are no limits.”
– Michael Phelps

The greatest Olympic champion in history probably knows more than a few things about obstacles. If you find yourself having a rough month, put it in perspective that everyone struggles. It’s what you do during those moments that defines you and ultimately pulls you through to your next peak.

“What we dwell on is who we become.”
– Oprah Winfrey

This simple quote by one of the most successful business professionals in American history really says it all. If you dwell on a bad month, you become mired in pessimism. If you focus instead on the challenge and the effort, you’ll rise above it and push past it.

“Become the person who would attract the results you seek.”
– Jim Cathcart

If you want to be successful, then you need to act successful. If you’re having a slow month take a moment step outside of yourself and your situation. When you look inwardly (I’m so unlucky. This is awful. I’m no good at this.), everyone around you can read it. And it hurts your results.

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Instead, picture yourself having your best month in years. What are you doing? What do you look like? What do you sound like? Become that person.

“Well done is better than well said.”
– Benjamin Franklin

It would take a Founding Father to point out that actions always speak louder than words. Naturally, that’s why quotes can be inspiring, but ultimately ineffective. The action has to follow.

So read these quotes again, pick a couple of your favorites, and figure out how to truly act on them.

By next month you’ll be able to look again at your sales numbers and tell yourself, “Well done.”

Wrapping up quotes to push you forward during a slow sales month

Sales slumps happen for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes it’s strategy, sometimes it’s a mental challenge, and sometimes it’s just the natural ebb and flow of everything. Here are 7 takeaways from the quotes above that will help push you forward – no matter what the cause of your slowdown may be.

  • Focus on your prospects instead of your sales numbers.
  • Stay aggressive and persistent and sales will come.
  • Constantly pushing yourself to do better brings success.
  • Obstacles happen to everyone, so keep going.
  • Dwell on failure and you’ll fail. Dwell on success and effort instead.
  • Look and act like a successful sales pro, not a slumping sad sack.
  • Quotes are great and all… now take some action!