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Top Sales Books to Share in 2019

7 Sales Books That Will Kick Your Sales Team into High Gear

Top Sales Books to Share in 2019

No matter where sales professionals are in their career, continuing education is crucial to success.

One of the easiest ways to keep yourself or your team on the cutting-edge is by reading books from top sales experts. In fact, it’s easier than ever. In addition to print, top titles are often available on e-readers and in super-convenient audio formats.

If you’re interested in kicking your sales team into high gear (or if you just want to gain some wisdom yourself) here are seven top sales books to dive into…

1. How To Fail At Almost Everything And Still Win Big – Scott Adams

Scott Adams is best known for his Dilbert comic-strip series. But, he’s also a prolific public speaker and marketing mentor who has spent many years studying psychology, rhetoric and persuasion.

In How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big, Adams provides many insights surrounding how he has attempted and failed at plenty of business opportunities, but through persistence and self-examination, he has been able to triumph over adversity. In addition to his story, Adams also details persuasion techniques and argues for a common-sense approach to accomplishing goals.

2. Sales Differentiation: 19 Powerful Strategies to Win More Deals at the Prices You Want – Lee B. Salz

Competing on price is a losing game. But it’s what so many companies and sales professionals do to win business. The alternative is to differentiate yourself from your competition in such a way that comparisons on price have no merit.

In Sales Differentiation, industry veteran and sales management expert Lee Saltz provides practical advice for doing exactly that. You’ll uncover 19 easy-to-implement concepts for winning business without killing your margins in the process. This must read book of 2019 is actionable and highly empowering.

3. First, Break All The Rules: What The World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently – Marcus Buckingham/Gallup

If you’re looking for ways to change things up and motivate your sales team, this book is for you.

First, Break All the Rules is a compilation of research and findings from over 80,000 managers around the world.  Using data provided by Gallup, author Marcus Buckingham provides detailed insights for motivating employees, and growing sales without conventional thinking.

In this book, you also learn how to change your managerial style to get more output from your team, while increasing satisfaction.

4. Exactly How To Sell: The Sales Guide For Non-Sales Professionals – Philip M. Jones

This book has a misleading title… in the best way possible. It’s billed as being for non-sales professionals, but there is much to be gained inside these pages for anyone.

No matter what type of education or background you have, we all have to sell ourselves.

In Exactly How to Sell, author Philip M. Jones illustrates how to build a loyal group of clients who continue to do business with you, sing your praises, and refer you to others. He also approaches selling from the perspective of serving.

While most people believe that people hate being sold to, Jones disagrees. And it’s this solutions-minded approach that makes the difference.

5. Secrets Of A Master Closer: A Simpler, Easier, and Faster Way to Sell Anything to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere – Mike Kaplan

Author Mike Kaplan has founded a number of companies that have become multi-million dollar successes.

In Secrets of a Master Closer, he provides the simple, step-by-step approach he uses to turn skeptical contacts into delighted clients.

More importantly, he examines the reasoning behind each step. As a result, the reader comes away with a thorough understanding of process, principles, and psychology that works for any person and any product.

6. Magic Words: The Science And Secrets Behind Seven Words That Motivate, Engage And Influence – Tim David

Word choice plays such a critical role in selling.

In Magic Words, author Tim David uses 7 powerful words to share “why” language can have such a profound and inspirational impact on others. The result is an understanding of how connections are made between people, which is pivotal for sales, team building, and motivation.

It’s a short, often funny, and always enlightening read that will leave you with actionable takeaways you’ll use forever.

7. Power Phone Scripts: 500 Word-For-Word Questions, Phrases And Conversations To Open And Close More Sales – Mike Brooks

Anyone who uses the phone to sell wonders, “what should I have said…” in a multitude of situations.

Having a playbook of time-tested scripts is invaluable to navigating these experiences.

In Power Phone Scripts, Mike Brooks offers real-world examples to help sales teams meet challenges, stay motivated, establish authority, retain attention and establish solid customer relationships to improve sales now and in the future.

From gatekeeper scripts, to opening statements, to objections and rebuttals, to door-opening questions, this book has it all. Get this book and start using these words, phrases, and scripts in your communications.

Wrapping Up 7 Sales Books that Will Kick Your Sales Team Into High Gear

Help your sales team’s focus on improving their craft. These 7 insightful and actionable sales books are highly recommended, and well worth sharing.

  • How To Fail At Almost Everything And Still Win Big – Scott Adams
  • Sales Differentiation – Lee B. Salz
  • First, Break All The Rules – Marcus Buckingham/Gallup
  • Exactly How To Sell – Philip M. Jones
  • Secrets Of A Master Closer – Mike Kaplan
  • Magic Words – Tim David
  • Power Phone Scripts – Mike Brooks