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YouTube Channels for Sales Professionals

7 YouTube Channels Every Salesperson Should Check Out

Last Updated on January 13, 2022

YouTube Channels for Sales Professionals

YouTube isn’t just for leisure and entertainment. And cat videos.

The popular video site is also home to all kinds of incredible, free content that you can learn from. Sales content is no exception. From strategy to motivation to self growth, YouTube’s got you covered. As long as you know where to look.

Today, we’re covering seven YouTube channels every member of a sales team, from sales development representatives all the way to managers, should check out.

Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Training Channel

If you’re looking for someone who cuts through the junk and takes a no-nonsense approach to sales, then Jeffrey Gitomer’s channel is for you.

Gitomer is a realist who focuses on building the right attitude. In fact, one of his most popular videos focuses on having a positive attitude.

Victor Antonio’s Sales Influence

All Victor Antonio’s videos are highly specific, making it easy to find videos on the topic where you need advice.

Whether you’re looking to rock your next presentation, sell expensive products, or something else entirely, Antonio probably has made a video on it.

Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is among the very best in terms of motivation.

Even his short videos, such as one on the cost of hangovers, can cause you to reevaluate the decisions you’re making and see things with a new perspective.


Gary Vaynerchuk, who goes by Gary Vee, is another one of those top-tier motivators who can get you ready to attack the day with a single video.

What’s great about Gary Vee is how he inspires people to take risks and keep pushing forward. But to do it in a way that honors yourself, not anyone else. To see this in action, just check out his video on giving kids confidence and self-esteem (there’s value here for anyone at any age).

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Brian Tracy

Unlike most of the other channels on this list, Brian Tracy’s opts for videos with animation instead of putting the content creator front and center.

It’s an interesting choice that’s great for drawing viewers into the videos. Tracy also touches on all kinds of unique topics that could come in handy for you, such as his video on how introverts can become better networkers.

Evan Carmichael’s Modeling the Masters

True to its name, Modeling the Masters focuses on how you can learn from the people who have “been there, done that.”

It’s always fun to see real-life success stories and the lessons they carry. For basketball fans, Kevin Durant’s top 10 rules for success is a must-watch.


Goal-setting has become a lost art for many people. That’s a problem, especially for salespeople, as goal-setting is a fantastic way to improve your life.

That’s where Goalcast comes in. This channel is great for learning how to push yourself and go past your perceived limits, with Amy Purdy’s speech on surpassing limits being a standout in that regard.

Wrapping Up 7 YouTube Channels Every Salesperson Should Watch…

Subscribing to the right YouTube channel can make a huge difference in your sales career. To recap, here are seven of the best YouTube channels for salespeople:

  • Jeffrey Gitomer is a straight shooter who will tell you exactly what you need to hear.
  • Victor Antonio hones in on specific subjects with a laser focus.
  • Grant Cardone is a motivational mastermind.
  • Gary Vee is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to marketing and performing at your best.
  • Brian Tracy’s animated videos are fun to watch and informative.
  • Evan Carmichael will show you what you can learn from top achievers.
  • Goalcast will help you get back to choosing goals that challenge and motivate you.