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cold calling success in 2019

8 Tips for Cold Calling Success in 2019

Last Updated on February 16, 2021

cold calling success in 2019

Cold calling and lead generation are the lifeblood of many sales organizations.

In 2019, there will plenty of new (and tried-and-true) ways for sales professionals to become more successful at cold calling, and to build a bigger and more active sales pipeline.

Here are some tips for more successful cold calling this year…

1. Seek To Solve Instead Of Sell

In 2019, sales will continue to transition from a hard-selling atmosphere to a  solutions-minded one. Successful cold calling will hinge upon your ability to learn about prospects to best understand how you can provide massive value, and adjust your sales approach accordingly.

2. Be Prepared

The mantra that “sales is a numbers game” has long been debated. But there’s no denying that a high quantity of conversations means nothing unless you’re having quality conversations. For cold calling success in 2019, preparation will be key.

That means investment in better, more targeted leads, using software to help qualify potential prospects, encouraging referrals, stronger email and social outreach, better research prior to dialing, and prepared scripts that effectively speak to your prospects goals and pain points.

3. Use a Single Line Dialer

No one likes answering the phone and hearing dead air while an agent comes on the line. It’s a surefire way to have your cold calls start off on the wrong foot.

That’s why smart sales organizations are choosing power dialers over multi-line dialers such as predictive dialers – which increase call volume, but often at the expense of call quality.

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4. Be Convinced Of Your Value

Cold calling is a job in which a lot of people make it clear they don’t want to talk to you. That’s okay. Your work is still very valuable and results in a lot of happy clients.

As a sales professional who cold calls for prospects and appointments, commit to not letting rejection get the best of you. Instead, learn from mistakes, focus on what you can control, and remember all of the positive responses you receive along the way.

5. Never Stop Building Your Rejection/Objection Response Library

There are two great ways to get past rejections and objections. The first is to adjust your script to prevent the objections from being raised in the first place. Rejection is often a sign that you failed to credibly convey the right value or benefit up front. By refining your opening statement so prospects can’t help but be intrigued, they’ll be more open-minded to the potential.

The second method, is to have a response prepared that immediately causes the prospect to re-think their position. In 2019, cold callers will want to keep a library of the objections they get and the responses they can use to effectively get the conversation going again.

6. Learn Tempo

Cold calling in 2019 will see the increase of a newer concept – tempo. A successful call starts off with the right tempo and does not move too quickly or slowly towards the close. One of the biggest indications that your tempo is off is when customers interrupt you and ask you to send more information. At that point, the sale is likely lost because you made your pitch too soon or got ahead of yourself. Or, you took too long to illustrate the benefit that would have moved the conversation forward.

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The best way to learn tempo is to focus on how naturally (or, unnaturally) calls progress and by paying attention to your prospects’ responses and tone.

7. Focus On The Call

If, during a cold call, you are responding to intra-office messages, getting distracted by things or people around you, or getting lost reading your notes, then your calls are likely to go off the rails. One word cold callers will be using more in 2019 is focus, because fresh and on target means more success.

8. Get Training

Even the most experienced cold callers make repeated mistakes, or, simply have room for improvement. Unless you’re proactive about being evaluated, getting feedback, and making adjustments you’re likely not as successful as you could be. Smart sales professionals will be looking for real cold calling training in 2019 to help them to grow their book of business, and generate more revenue.

Wrapping Up Cold Calling Success In 2019…

Cold calling is still the foundation of many successful sales organizations, and 2019 promises to continue that trend. Here are some tips to help you master the craft and ensure your dial sessions are more effective over the coming year…

  • Take a solutions-minded approach to selling
  • Be as prepared as possible when generating, qualifying, and calling leads
  • Choose a single-line dialer
  • Believe in your value as a sales professional
  • Never stop building your objection/rejection response library
  • Pay attention to the pace and tempo of your selling
  • Stay focused on each call and do not get distracted
  • Constantly improve yourself with training
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