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Why Your Phone Dialer Should Sync with your CRM (And How Easy It Is To Do)

Sync dialer with your crm

Thanks to Claudia Martinez of PieSync for this guest post.

Your CRM is the core of your business. It’s where you store most of your customer data. That’s why it’s the best resource your salespeople have to close deals. At the same time, it’s an information bank that helps your marketing team understand what drives a customer’s decision.

But a CRM is only as good as the data in it. Your CRM will quickly lose efficiency when it’s not in sync with the other business tools that store customer data. All the apps you use to interact with customers and prospects gather invaluable insights. That’s especially true for the software you use to power phone calls and dialing activity – a key source of personal and immediate communication which holds great value for your company. Read More…