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10 Team-Building Exercises that Make Your Sales Team Stronger

sales team building exercises

The strength of your sales team as a whole plays a huge role in the success of the salespeople within it.

Sales teams can support each other’s efforts, teach and learn from one another, and encourage each other to continue growing for the company and for the customer.

As a result, team building is a crucial part of the puzzle when striving to reach goals together. Thankfully, there are plenty of great team-building exercises you can employ. Read More…

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5 Bad Questions that Derail Sales Calls (and What to Say Instead)

Bad sales questions to ask on a sales call

Asking questions drives the sales process by allowing you to understand the challenges, fears, hopes and desires of your prospect.

They’re especially important on that first cold call.

After all, good questions invite good answers. The more you can do to make your prospect reveal themselves (while you engage in active listening, of course) the more likely you are to solve their unique problems and make a sale. Read More…

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Should You Leave Voicemails on Sales Calls? The Clear Answer.

Should you leave sales voicemails

There’s a good amount of debate on whether sales professionals should bother to leave a voicemail during sales calls.

Where do YOU stand?

The Arguments Against Leaving Voicemails

The biggest arguments against are that it takes a long time, it’s a slog, and that response rates are low. Let’s examine each…

Leaving voicemails eats up a lot of time

Obviously, speaking your message is bound to take 20-40 seconds per message. But, that’s only half of it. When you factor in listening to the contact’s recording and waiting for a beep, you’re looking at close to a minute. Read More…

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Hate No-Shows? These 7 Tips Drive Up Attendance of Demos & Appointments

Reducing no shows for sales meetings

You’ve got a warm prospect.

Maybe they signed up for a demo on your site. Or you connected with them on LinkedIn. Or perhaps you called them, and piqued their interest for a follow-up meeting.

So, you agree on a date, and put a meeting on the books. When the day of the meeting arrives, you’re excited. You feel like a sale might be just around the corner.

Except… they never show up. Read More…

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8 Key Differences Between Inside and Outside Sales

Inside Sales vs. Outside Sales - Differences

Whether you are establishing your sales career path or you’re a manager creating a job profile, it is extremely important to understand the differences between an inside and outside sales job.

Understanding the key differences will help you determine which position fits your needs or strengths.

Also, it should not be assumed that since someone has a background in sales that they can do both inside and outside sales. Knowing what separates these sales careers is critical to finding the right fit. Read More…