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Hate No-Shows? These 7 Tips Drive Up Attendance of Demos & Appointments

Reducing no shows for sales meetings

You’ve got a warm prospect.

Maybe they signed up for a demo on your site. Or you connected with them on LinkedIn. Or perhaps you called them, and piqued their interest for a follow-up meeting.

So, you agree on a date, and put a meeting on the books. When the day of the meeting arrives, you’re excited. You feel like a sale might be just around the corner.

Except… they never show up. Read More…

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8 Key Differences Between Inside and Outside Sales

Inside Sales vs. Outside Sales - Differences

Whether you are establishing your sales career path or you’re a manager creating a job profile, it is extremely important to understand the differences between an inside and outside sales job.

Understanding the key differences will help you determine which position fits your needs or strengths.

Also, it should not be assumed that since someone has a background in sales that they can do both inside and outside sales. Knowing what separates these sales careers is critical to finding the right fit. Read More…

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7 Sales Leadership Lessons from Rams Coach Sean McVay

Sales Leadership Lessons from LA Rams Coach Sean McVay

In 2001, Sean McVay was 15 years old and the St. Louis Rams lost in the Super Bowl to the New England Patriots.

18 years later, McVay would become the youngest coach in Super Bowl history. Again, it was the Rams versus the Patriots. And again the Patriots came out on top. But McVay undoubtedly had a lot to be proud of.

And… he proved that when it comes to leadership, personality and process is as important (if not more) than years of experience. Read More…

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How to Incentivize Sales Reps Without Money

How to incentivize sales people

Sales professionals get involved in sales for two main reasons; the pay, and the challenge. Most sales organizations focus too much on the pay and forget about the challenge. There are plenty of ways to offer incentive to sales professionals that do not revolve around money.

Here are 7 incentives that can really drive productivity and performance:

1. Flexible Work Schedules

Sometimes the standard work schedule is not the most effective arrangement for sales professionals. One of the ways you can offer incentive to your top performers is to give them flexibility over their own work schedule. Read More…

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7 Sales Predictions for 2019

Sales Trends & Predictions for 2019

The sales world is constantly changing, and trends can become the norm in the blink of an eye. It’s always better to be ahead of the curve than behind it.

So, as 2018 comes to an end, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at what the world of sales will might look like in 2019.

Here are a few of our sales predictions for the coming year….

1. One Step Closer To The End Of Prospecting

Sales professionals are always looking for ways to qualify prospects before making calls. In 2019, we expect more tools and data to become available so that sales professionals spend time talking to targeted and even interested leads rather than cold prospects. Read More…