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8 Tips for Cold Calling Success in 2019

cold calling success in 2019

Cold calling and lead generation are the lifeblood of many sales organizations.

In 2019, there will plenty of new (and tried-and-true) ways for sales professionals to become more successful at cold calling, and to build a bigger and more active sales pipeline.

Here are some tips for more successful cold calling this year…

1. Seek To Solve Instead Of Sell

In 2019, sales will continue to transition from a hard-selling atmosphere to a  solutions-minded one. Successful cold calling will hinge upon your ability to learn about prospects to best understand how you can provide massive value, and adjust your sales approach accordingly. Read More…

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8 Tips for Cold Calling Success During the Holiday Season

Successful holiday cold calling tips

The holidays are a busy time for everyone, which can make it difficult on someone who sells over the phone for a living. Despite all of the chaos that surrounds the holidays, there are still plenty of reasons the end of the year can be a great time to make calls, and close deals.

Here are 8 tips for cold calling success during the holiday season.

1. Embrace The Upsell

The holidays are a time when people are used to spending money, and you can use that to your advantage. When you get an interested consumer on the phone, be prepared to weave upsells and cross-sells into your pitch to increase revenue. Read More…

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How to Respond to Discount Requests: 7 Effective Responses

How to respond to discount requests

No matter what product or service you sell, you will likely come across customers asking for discounts for various reasons.

As a sales professional, your goal is to close these deals in a way that satisfies the customer, while working within your company’s pricing constraints.

Some companies are very happy to issue discounts. In some cases, on their own timeline (ie. once or twice a year sale, regular discounts and promotions, etc.). In other cases, companies discount as needed to close a specific deal, or based on the unique terms and size of the deal. Read More…

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How to Be More Interesting in Conversation: 6 Tips

Are you interesting in conversations?

To be an effective salesperson, you have to be adept at having conversations.

You want to be someone people want to talk to. Not the salesperson they want to avoid or get off the phone with.

Some of that is effective sales technique. But it’s also about just being good to talk to. Relatable. Trustworthy. And interesting.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of conversation opportunities in the life of the average salesperson. Much of it falls outside of work. Read More…

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9 Foods to Supercharge Your Focus and Help You Crush it in Sales

Foods for focus and sales performance

Sales success has a lot to do with strategy and mindset.

Naturally, both of those topics get a lot of attention.

But a great skillset doesn’t take you very far if you’re not feeling good physically.

To perform up to your full potential in a sales job, you need to feel awake and alert, and that means eating right.

The food and drink choices you make can have a big (and underestimated) impact on daily performance. That’s why today, we’re covering nine foods that can keep you energized, and supercharge your focus! Read More…