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Boost Salesperson and Sales Productivity

Boosting Sales Productivity: 6 Tools and Hacks

Last Updated on February 16, 2021

Boost Salesperson and Sales Productivity

Productivity is key in any endeavor. The more quality work you can get done in a shorter amount of time, the better.

This is especially true in sales, where so many activities can compete with the core “revenue producing activity.” That is, conversations with quality sales prospects.

More sales connections in less time = more sales made. It’s a winning equation.

Today, we offer some simple tools and hacks that can up your efficiency and productivity. Let’s roll!

1. Rethink Your Workspace

When is the last time you changed your workspace? Does it even matter?

Actually it does.

Your workspace can have a big impact on your level of production. Here are some simple changes you can make to turn your workspace into a den of productivity:

Get some sun! A recent study showed that employees who get more sunlight in their workspaces are more productive. They also get up to 46 minutes more sleep each night.

Clean your desk. Clutter is a productivity killer. A clean desk focuses your mind, takes stress away from your day and allows you to breathe a little easier. Start by organizing files with colors and labels. Instead of having notes everywhere, have one place for notes (or manage them electronically) Throw out items you no longer use.

Use two monitors instead of one. Studies have shown this boosts productivity. It makes sense. Instead of stuffing everything into one screen, you can see multiple applications at once between different screens.

2. Use Dialing Technology Effectively

There are so many ways that dialing technology can boost productivity.

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And no, it’s not all about just making MORE calls.

It’s about making those calls count.

Here are just a few ways you can boost sales productivity with power dialer software like PhoneBurner.

  1. Drop pre-recorded voicemails in a click
  2. Instantly send a pre-written email after every phone call
  3. Customize disposition sets to tag and organize contacts automatically
  4. Distribute leads efficiently (and automatically) to sales agents
  5. Recycle leads that aren’t efficiently utilized to more productive agents
  6. Filter leads prior to dialing for more focused dial sessions
  7. Track email opens and link clicks to target your hottest leads first
  8. Use Local ID to get more live answers from the same number of dials

With the right technology you can increase not just the volume of sales outreach, but the quality of the connections as well.

3. Prioritize Your To-Dos

As a salesperson, your to-do list can be overwhelming and sap your productivity.

With apps like Todoist, you can easily manage your to-do list and actually get things done.

Todoist uses AI to learn your productivity habits, schedule your tasks, and find the optimal time for you to get each task done. So that way, you get more done and spend less time worrying about when you’ll do it!

Getting your priorities in order is a surprisingly simple way to make more out of every day.

4. Set Goals

Goals are like a to-do list. Only more motivational.

They focus your energy by giving every task a purpose. They teach you to invest time on only the most important and revenue-driving tasks. And they prevent you from slacking off, and getting distracted.

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5. Schedule Meetings Back to Back

Let’s say you’ve got one hour-long meeting at 9am, then another at 11am.

This gives you just an hour between the meetings. During that hour, you’ll likely just be unwinding from the previous meeting and preparing for the next one. You don’t have time to do much else, and this crushes your productivity.

A simple sales productivity hack is to schedule your meetings in blocks. That will minimize the “down time” in between, and maximize the blocks you use to engage in efficient sales-driven activities.

6. Prioritize Sales Training

We rarely think about it this way, but ineffective sales technique is a destroyer of productivity.

Think about all of the time and effort that goes into developing leads and opportunities. That makes it easier to see why missed opportunities can be such a drag on that productivity.

The solution, is simply to prioritize sales training. Effective scripts, effective processes, proper follow-up, overcoming objections, staying positive, using urgency, knowing the product, understanding the competition.

Effective onboarding and ongoing training ensure salespeople are prepared to take full advantage of the opportunities that come their way.

Wrapping Up Tools and Hacks to Boost Sales Productivity…

There’s a difference between being busy, and being productive. Productivity is what drives profits. Anything you can do to focus your efforts where they are most valuable will be well rewarded.

To recap, here some tools and hacks to keep salespeople productive:

– Rethink your workspace and consider adding more natural light, reorganizing things, and using two monitors.

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– Take advantage of dialing technology and all the ways it can help you to make more connections, and better connections.

– Organize your to-do list to manage tasks and get things done efficiently.

– Set goals to motivate you and give purpose to your to-dos

– Schedule meetings back to back to avoid small, unproductive time windows in between.

– Prioritize sales training to make the most of every opportunity

What other tools and hacks do you use to be a more productive salesperson? Let us know in the comments below!