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Sales team reports and live leaderboards

New: Custom Admin Reporting & Real-Time Leaderboards

Last Updated on February 16, 2021

Sales team reports and live leaderboards

PhoneBurner is proud to announce the release our new Team Reporting engine. Admins now have the ability to create and save custom reports featuring the metrics that matter most.

From real-time tracking to the ability to track precise people and data-points, this functionality offers exciting new opportunities to assess, reward, and motivate your sales team.

Note: This feature is exclusive to our multi-seat team accounts. Individual reporting is available on all accounts.

Admins can access the Reports page from the gear wheel dropdown on their Team tab.

Let’s jump in and take a deeper look…

Standard Reports

Our 2 standard reports are still easily accessible from the left panel nav bar. They include:

Dial Sessions Reports:¬†Our power dialer’s dial session report is a great high-level overview of your team’s activity over a desired date range. Data points include number of logins, last login, # of dial sessions, dials, talks, talk-time, and voicemails.

Admin Reports Feature

You can also dive deeper into individual dial sessions – directly from this report – for a closer examination of each rep’s activity and performance. Simply click the blue numbers in the Dial Session column to dig down.

Disposition Reports: This report provides a summary of all of the dispositions (Interested, Not Interested, Demo Set, Bad Number, etc.) and their usage throughout your team.

Custom Reports

Custom reports put admins in the driver seat, giving you the clarity you need to evaluate performance and make important decisions.

Reports are easy to create, customize, clone, and adjust as needed. 3 basic steps are needed to launch a report.

  1. Define Settings: These are basic settings such as Report Name, Type (team summary vs. individual member detail), Default Date Range, etc.
  2. Choose Fields: Design a report with the exact data points you wish to track – from dispositions, to sum totals (ie. total dials, live talks, etc.) to calculations (ie. percentage interested, total talk-time, etc.)
  3. Add Members: Want to evaluate only your new hires? Just Lazy Lonnie? Or are you tracking your whole team? With custom reports you can include and exclude agents as needed.
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Real-Time Leaderboards

Naturally, reports are a great way for managers to keep track of their team, assess training needs, and ensure that goals are being met.

But they can also be used as a motivation tool.

Real-time Leaderboards are designed the same way as other custom reports, but are set up to refresh throughout the day, with real-time rankings and a “Current Leader” for one or several rotating data-points.

Real Time Leaderboard

Broadcast your Leaderboards on a monitor in your phone room or office to motivate reps, gamify their efforts, or to stage competitions for bonus leads or bragging rights.

Video Walkthrough

Ready to set up your first custom report? This video walkthrough explains everything you need to know, along with examples including a live Leaderboard.

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