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6 Tips for More Effective Sales Meetings

Last Updated on February 16, 2021

effective sales team meetings

A great sales culture starts at the top.

It’s the responsibility of a sales manager to lead the team with an effective sales meeting.

But this is easier said than done. So many sales meetings are undermined by unnecessary tangents, lack of preparation, going over the time limit, having no purpose, etc.

These meetings turn into something that salespeople approach with apathy, or even dread  – both of which are counterproductive and costly.

But here’s the thing – sales meetings, if they’re run properly, can actually be the backbone of a thriving, highly productive sales team.

So, how do you run a more effective sales team meeting?

Start by taking these tips to heart…

1. Start and End on Time

It doesn’t matter how awesome your sales meeting is – nobody likes when it starts late and/or goes over the time limit. After all, the job of a salesperson is to sell – not to attend meetings.

Starting and ending on time not only shows that you value your team’s time, it also helps your team maintain focus while they’re there.

2. Follow an Agenda

A standard agenda will keep you focused and on track, and it will also make it easier for your sales team to pay attention.

Know the areas you want to cover, and the order in which you want to cover them. Keep it somewhat consistent throughout your meetings.

This helps you stay on time, and also makes preparation a lot easier.

3. Share Stories

Share one or two positive stories from the trenches. Did a team member flip an objection into a surprise sale? Did somebody finally close a deal after hustling for hours and hours? Let the rest of the team know.

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Not only does this motivate the team, and especially those specific members, but it also boosts morale. Plus, it can reinforce effective tactics by providing practical examples they’re sure to come across in the coming weeks.

4. Positive Motivation

Think of unique ways to motivate your team. Be on the lookout for motivational videos, as well as interesting quotes and other content.

Get a feel for your team’s sticking points (the things they’re struggling with), and figure out unique angles for confronting them – in a positive manner.

Discuss goals and priorities to encourage high-value actions.

5. Avoid Individual Coaching

Don’t waste time dealing with individual issues and updates. This can cause the rest of the team to “check out”. Instead, make a note of any individual issues that are brought up, and make it a point to discuss these issues with the team member after the meeting.

This keeps things flowing smoothly and on track.

6. Review Metrics

How many calls were made this week? How many appointments were set? How many sales were made? And how do these numbers compare to last week, last quarter, etc?

Decide which metrics are important to your sales team, and review them during your meeting. It keeps the team accountable, and aware of the state of things.

When metrics headed in the right direction it’s often great for morale and motivation. When metrics are headed in the wrong direction, it often points to an issue or a need that can be quickly addressed.

Metrics are also great for goal setting.

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Running a smooth sales team meeting is easier said than done. But with the tips above, you can get off to a get start and run your meetings more effectively.

What other tips do you have for running effective sales meetings? Let us know in the comments below!