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How to Find Qualified Leads Through Yelp Keyword Research

keyword researchWe’ve talked about how to find leads through LinkedIn, but there’s an even simpler way to find leads for your cold calls:

Keyword research.

With the right target keywords, you can find plenty of qualified prospects through tools like Yelp. This works especially well if you work with local businesses.

For example, let’s say you run a web development agency. You help businesses build high-converting websites that generate leads—and you specialize in chiropractic offices. You know the chiropractic industry inside and out.

For the most part, a chiropractor doesn’t know how to go out and get new clients. They’re not marketers, they’re chiropractors. They help get the kinks out and solve your back pain. That’s their job. But just like everyone else, they have their wants, needs, and desires, and could benefit from your ability to bring them new business.

But first, you have to find them.

1: Search Your Keywords in Yelp

Going back to the chiropractor example, let’s say you help specialize in helping chiropractors in a specific location, like Boston.

In that case, all you’d have to do is search “Chiropractors near Boston, MA.”

b2b leadsAs you can see from this screenshot, there are nearly 12,000 results! That represents a lot of opportunities to sell your web design services, and that’s all in just one city.

Of course, many of these leads won’t be interested in your offer, but if you can even get one out every hundred, you’d have 120 potential new clients.

Google, naturally, is another option for keyword research. Their local listings will produce a list of results similar to the one above. You can also try Yellow Pages and other directory sites to see which is the easiest for you to work with.

2: Load The Results into a Spreadsheet

Once you have a list of results, you can copy the contact info into a spreadsheet (you may consider hiring a virtual assistant or freelancer to do this for you to save time).

In the spreadsheet, just add the phone number, name, and a link to their website. You now have a qualified list of leads to start cold calling.

3: Use Cold Calling Software to get Quicker Results

This process can quickly generate hundreds or thousands of new leads for your business. Then with the power of cold calling software like PhoneBurner behind you, you can make 60-80 calls an hour, reaching out to these new prospects quickly and efficiently.

Simply import the list of contacts from the spreadsheet and you can begin categorizing, calling, and emailing them through PhoneBurner’s built-in CRM.

Through proper keyword research, you can quickly find qualified leads for your business. It just takes a little time to do the research. Add this technique to other prospecting methods like searching LinkedIn or asking for referrals and you’ll never run out of targeted prospects to call.

What’s your favorite way to find qualified leads for your business? Tweet us or comment below and let us know.