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Get more out of sales agents

The RIGHT Way to Get More Out of Your Sales Agents

Get more out of sales agents

Sales teams need support to succeed and grow. And that support can come in all sorts of ways.

Whether your sales agents are slipping up, scraping by, steady as they go, or  slashing expectations, chances are they have more potential. You just need to know how to tap into it.

And if you can manage to tap into that potential? Well, your job – and the morale and productivity of your sales team – will all be a whole lot better.

So, how do you get more out of your sales agents? That’s exactly what we’re going t talk about today…

Give Them the Right Tools

The best use of a salesperson’s time is interacting with live prospects. Of course, there are all kinds of other tasks that are required to make that happen. Give them the right tools to automate these tasks and streamline their workflow, and they can spend more time making the register ring.

We’ve already talked about some sales prospecting tools as well as some tools to help you build a bigger sales pipeline. Of course, you should ask your team where they experience inefficiencies in their process. Then seek out solutions to fix them.

Give Them the Right Scripts

So much of your agents’ potential lies in their scripts.

Close to 9 out of 10 dials will end in a voicemail, so naturally their voicemail script (and follow-up email) should be tested and refined. For help with this, check out this post: A Sales Voicemail Script That Crushes It!

And how about when prospects do pick up the phone? Make sure your agents have a solid opening script, and the ability to move a prospect toward your desired close. For some help, check out this post: 3 Things Your Prospect Needs to Hear You Say.

Motivate with Goals and Expectations

It’s hard to succeed if you don’t know what success looks like.

Make sure your sales agents understand what’s expected of them. That includes both activity level (ie. total dials), as well as performance (ie. demos booked). That way you can make assessments with respect to both, and take action when necessary.

Set goals for your agents to strive for, and then motivate them to achieve. Positive reinforcement and praise, team “bell ringing” (virtual high fives!), bonus leads, competitions, and other rewards, are all good influencers.

Get Them the Right Leads, at the Right Time

Some agents generate their own leads.

But a lot of companies support their agents efforts or provide them with all of their leads so they can focus entirely on selling.

If you distribute leads to a team of agents, you know how challenging it can be.For example, some agents are more productive. Others are more effective. Some leads are aged. Others arrive in real time, and require immediate attention.

That’s why keeping leads flowing where they’re best utilized can feel like a full-time job.

With PhoneBurner’s LeadStream feature, managers can intelligently and automatically distribute leads to the right agents, at the right time. They can even “recycle” unworked leads so that they’re don’t grow cold in a less productive agent’s pipeline.

Monitor Their Performance

Getting more out of your agents begins with monitoring what they’re doing now. That means evaluating their productivity metrics, tracking their performance metrics, and listening to the calls they make.

Only then can you assess where support, training and coaching are needed.

Be a Great Sales Coach

Sales coaching is how good agents become great.

So, how can you be an effective sales coach?

You provide positive motivation, create an environment where agents can succeed, assess needs, and fill gaps in performance with training.

In other words, all of the guidelines in this post are a piece of coaching.

Active training on selling, scripts, and strategy – while important – is really just a small piece of coaching (though it’s what most people think of). Coaching is less about telling reps what to do, and more about enabling them and supporting them at every turn.

What do you do to get more out of your sales agents? What’s the best advice you have for other sales managers? Chime in with a comment…