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LeadStream Smart Lead Distribution

Introducing LeadStream Smart Lead Distribution for PhoneBurner

Last Updated on February 16, 2021

LeadStream Smart Lead Distribution

PhoneBurner is excited to announce the launch of LeadStream – a powerful new weapon for sales managers and teams. LeadStream intelligently and automatically distributes leads so that they are worked more efficiently and effectively, for serious gains in productivity and sales performance.

The Struggle

Anyone who has ever gone through the time-consuming and arduous process of manually distributing leads to a team of sales agents knows the struggle.

Anyone who has ever lost a sale because real-time leads aren’t delivered quickly enough, or given the immediate attention they deserve knows the struggle.

Anyone who has ever watched good leads go unworked that could have been more efficiently worked by another agent, knows the struggle.

Lead distribution is a time-consuming and error-prone, yet vitally important process – and one on which a sales team’s success largely rides upon.

The Solution

LeadStream is game-changing Smart Lead Distribution technology. It was developed to:

  • Automate lead distribution processes
  • Dramatically reduce lead expenses
  • Recycle and redistribute unworked leads before they go cold
  • Reward high performance agents with more, better, or more timely leads
  • Deliver leads following a highly customizable set of rules
  • Route real-time leads to available agents for immediate follow-up
  • Provide real-time reporting to help managers make smart decisions

The Benefits

Sales managers save time, reduce lead expenses, maximize lead value, and enjoy vastly improved transparency for better decision making, incentivization opportunities, and improved performance.

For agents, benefits include stronger motivation, fresher and higher quality leads, and increased income.

Highly Customizable to Fit Your Team’s Needs

LeadStreams feature a highly customizable set of delivery rules that admins can easily adjust to meet ever-changing requirements and situations.

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Whether you’re distributing bulk past customer data evenly among a group of agents, allotting weekly bonus leads with priority to more efficient agents, or routing real-time leads from online contact forms to the first available agent, LeadStream can automate the process.

Various LeadStream types including Blind Pull, Preview Pull, LeadBlitz, First Come First Served, and Round Robin can be customized to define:

  • Who receives leads
  • How many leads they receive
  • In what order those leads are delivered
  • Daily and lifetime maximums, per agent
  • How leads get recycled and redistributed
  • How these leads are accessed by the agent

This video provides a brief overview of various LeadStream types:

Real-time Reporting

LeadStream gives admins access to powerful real-time reports that deliver transparency and accountability throughout the sales process. Robust tracking metrics help managers assess training needs, reward performance, and drive growth.

Getting Started

Experience the productivity and performance-boosting potential of LeadStream for yourself.

LeadStream is included with PhoneBurner Team Accounts of ANY size, and can be accessed from the LeadStream dropdown on the admin’s Contacts tab.

Screenshot - Where to access LeadStream

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