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Should You Leave Voicemails on Sales Calls? The Clear Answer.

Should you leave sales voicemails

There’s a good amount of debate on whether sales professionals should bother to leave a voicemail during sales calls.

Where do YOU stand?

The Arguments Against Leaving Voicemails

The biggest arguments against are that it takes a long time, it’s a slog, and that response rates are low. Let’s examine each…

Leaving voicemails eats up a lot of time

Obviously, speaking your message is bound to take 20-40 seconds per message. But, that’s only half of it. When you factor in listening to the contact’s recording and waiting for a beep, you’re looking at close to a minute. Read More…

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Hate No-Shows? These 7 Tips Drive Up Attendance of Demos & Appointments

Reducing no shows for sales meetings

You’ve got a warm prospect.

Maybe they signed up for a demo on your site. Or you connected with them on LinkedIn. Or perhaps you called them, and piqued their interest for a follow-up meeting.

So, you agree on a date, and put a meeting on the books. When the day of the meeting arrives, you’re excited. You feel like a sale might be just around the corner.

Except… they never show up. Read More…

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How To Calm Your Nerves and End Cold Call Anxiety

End cold call anxiety for good

Cold calling is a time-tested method for lead generation, relationship building and closing sales.

But anxiety can get in the way of performance, either by hurting confidence, or by leading to call reluctance. The latter can reduce the amount of calls you’re making, or keep you from making calls altogether.

Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.

It’s important to remember that anyone, including seasoned sales veterans, can get anxiety before picking up the phone. But with some shifts in strategy and mindset, you can keep that anxiety completely under control. Read More…

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How to Stop Losing Employees to Competitors – 9 Loyalty Building Tips

Stop losing employees to the competition

Hiring the right employees for your team is vital to business success.

But retaining top talent is equally, if not more, important. After all, you invest a lot of time, money and training into employees, making it all the more costly to lose them.

Unfortunately, too few employers recognize this fact until it’s too late and a top performer has been poached by the competition or starts searching for greener pastures. Read More…

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How to Create Email Signatures that Help You Sell

Email signatures that sell

Any opportunity to increase the chance of a sale is worth considering.

Some tools and tactics take a lot of time, money, and effort. So they’re not for everyone.

Others are relatively fast and easy, but don’t have much use, exposure, or payoff. So they too, aren’t for everyone.

Well, here’s one tool that’s easy to implement, gets lots of exposure, AND really does make a difference. Read More…