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7 Best Conferences for Salespeople and Sales Leaders in 2019

Sales Conferences 2019

Sales conferences are a great way to make new professional contacts, meet influencers and potential partners, learn the latest sales methods, discover new technologies, and become a leader in your field.

In 2019, there are a lot of sales conferences to choose from. Here are some that are sure to be memorable, valuable, and well worth your time and investment.

1. 2019 Summit On Customer Engagement

Dates: March 13th – 15th, 2019
Location: Burlingame, California Read More…

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7 Sales Leadership Lessons from Rams Coach Sean McVay

Sales Leadership Lessons from LA Rams Coach Sean McVay

In 2001, Sean McVay was 15 years old and the St. Louis Rams lost in the Super Bowl to the New England Patriots.

18 years later, McVay would become the youngest coach in Super Bowl history. Again, it was the Rams versus the Patriots. And again the Patriots came out on top. But McVay undoubtedly had a lot to be proud of.

And… he proved that when it comes to leadership, personality and process is as important (if not more) than years of experience. Read More…

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7 Secrets to Excellent Calendar Management

Time and calendar management tips

Most sales professionals have a lot of responsibilities competing for their time each day. Knowing what to do, when, and staying productive with so much on your plate each day is a challenge.

That’s why effective time management is so critical to success.

One of the best tools we have to manage our day, and keep it flowing productively from one hour to the next is the humble calendar.

It is very important that anyone in sales learn not only how to manage their calendar, but to improve the way in which they use the limited time they have each day. Read More…

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9 Ways to Increase Reply Rates on Sales Emails

Increase sales email response rates

Email is a critical component of sales outreach, along with phone calls, social networking, texting, and other methods.

From cold email prospecting, to lead follow-up and sales cadences, email can be effectively used at all stages of your sales funnel.

It’s an attractive option as well. You can automate the process to many recipients at once. You can analyze the response so you can adjust and improve. And it’s a medium most people are very accustomed to. Read More…

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8 Tips for Cold Calling Success in 2019

cold calling success in 2019

Cold calling and lead generation are the lifeblood of many sales organizations.

In 2019, there will plenty of new (and tried-and-true) ways for sales professionals to become more successful at cold calling, and to build a bigger and more active sales pipeline.

Here are some tips for more successful cold calling this year…

1. Seek To Solve Instead Of Sell

In 2019, sales will continue to transition from a hard-selling atmosphere to a  solutions-minded one. Successful cold calling will hinge upon your ability to learn about prospects to best understand how you can provide massive value, and adjust your sales approach accordingly. Read More…