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PhoneBurner Power Dialer Now Includes Local ID Feature

Last Updated on February 16, 2021

power dialer with Local IDLocal ID is now available on all PhoneBurner accounts, giving sales reps the ability to make out-of-state dials from local area codes.

Having a caller ID that displays an area code your contacts recognize has the potential to significantly increase answer rates, allowing for more live discussions.

PhoneBurner’s Local ID feature is flexible and fully customizable to meet the needs of any sales professional or team – and ensures you only pay for the presence you need.

top 50 area codes

There are 3 options:

  • Choose your own area codes
  • Top 50 area codes
  • All US area codes

Note: If you have a team account, you can buy Local ID one time, and share it across your entire team.

Once the area codes are selected and the numbers are assigned to your account, the process is 100% seamless.

Dial normally, and PhoneBurner automatically uses a local number when one exists in your account. You’ll also see the updated “Caller ID” number in your dialing window – so you know it’s working.

You can access and order this feature by going to Dial Sessions > PhoneBurner Settings > Local ID

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