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What’s New in PhoneBurner: December 2021

Last Updated on December 6, 2021

Know one thing I love about PhoneBurner?

The team’s unwavering commitment to serving our customers.

Every week, team members at PhoneBurner are listening to customers, receiving feedback, and discussing ways we can improve our product to empower you to succeed.

Practically speaking, this means we’re constantly launching new improvements and additional features.

To that end, here are some highlights around recent developments from last month:

Scaling for the future

Even as we head toward the holiday season, PhoneBurner is hitting record-breaking usage levels. We continue to invest across the board in infrastructure, speed, and reliability to power your outreach.

Inbound call handling

Do more with inbound calls and callbacks. From handling incoming calls during live dial sessions to creating custom flows to route calls, inbound enhancements are live in Premium beta.

Shorter SMS unsubscribe text

We’ve reduced the opt-out text on SMS messages from 25 to 16 characters, giving you more room and flexibility on your message segments.

Add lead source to imports (coming soon)

You asked.

We listened.

To help you gauge and report on the quality of various lead sources, we’re developing the ability to add vendor/ source data to your imports.

Want to see even more features?

Stay tuned and be on the lookout for some new features we’re launching soon.

You’re going to love what our team is cooking up.

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