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PhoneBurner, Power Dialer for Salesforce Lightning

Introducing V2.0 for Salesforce Lightning: Scale Outbound Sales

Last Updated on February 16, 2021

PhoneBurner, Power Dialer for Salesforce Lightning

PhoneBurner is proud to announce the expansion of our popular Salesforce Power Dialer – now compatible with the newly designed and optimized Salesforce Lightning.

The PhoneBurner Salesforce Dialer is available on the App Exchange.

Touted for its ease of use and impressive feature set, PhoneBurner’s latest release marks our continued commitment to helping sales agents boost live client interactions and build a bigger, more engaged sales pipeline.

All with less hassle and time invested, no new equipment, and minimal setup.

“PhoneBurner has increased our sales team’s productivity; we’ve been able to get through our call lists in a 4th of the time,” says Salesforce user Tara Kelly. “The product is easy to use and even integrates with Salesforce. I highly recommend this for any sales team looking to save time on prospecting.”

Now, whether you and your team are using Salesforce Classic or Salesforce Lightning, you can quickly and easily integrate with PhoneBurner to elevate outbound sales productivity and performance.

Salesforce Dialer App | PhoneBurner

Why Dial with PhoneBurner?

  • Simple Salesforce plugin.
  • Connects with Salesforce Classic or Lightning, in minutes.
  • Use ANY phone to connect.
  • Dial Salesforce leads 4x faster – so much more than a “click-to-call.”
  • No awkward pauses. Hear contacts say “hello.”
  • Drop pre-recorded voicemails in a click… without waiting for the beep!
  • Instantly send 1-click emails based on call outcome.
  • Track email opens, link clicks, and attachment views.
  • Create custom dispositions to streamline workflows.
  • Increase live answers with Local ID.
  • Enjoy best-in-class security safeguards.
  • Record calls for easy playback and training assessment.
  • Get insights and visibility with call tracking and reports.
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Salesforce records are updated automatically to reflect the activities and actions taken during your PhoneBurner dial session – such as contact edits, call outcome, email sent and more. It’s a seamless integration that drives productivity gains of 200 to 433% for our clients.

What’s new and different for the Classic and Lightning editions?

PhoneBurner’s V2 Dialer for Salesforce Lightning features an elegant new interface to complement the newest Salesforce offering.

At the beginning of each dial session, a newly developed “Projected Time Savings” calculator displays the estimated time a rep can expect to save for the contacts selected.

Our algorithm uses statistics such as live answer and voicemail frequency, and factors in the automation of outreach activities such as emailing, listening to and leaving voicemails, note taking, and more. In addition to illuminating efficiency gains available, the goal of the tool is to reduce call reluctance, and empower agents to set higher standards of success.

New functionality (available in both Classic and Lightning versions) includes the ability to create multiple voicemail buttons for use during a dial session. For example, agents can customize their dialer to include both an English and a Spanish voicemail – and choose the language-appropriate version to drop on-the-fly.

Full support is available for all users.

Who Uses PhoneBurner for Salesforce?

Outbound sales teams of ALL sizes. From individual insurance agents and real estate professionals, to medium size inside sales and telemarketing teams, to entire HR and IT departments.

PhoneBurner is available as a single-seat integration, or a multi-seat team account with administrative controls, customizations, and reporting features. PhoneBurner scales effortlessly to meet the needs of your sales organization.

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No setup fees. No contracts. Add and remove seats as needed.

Get Started!

Interested in trying out PhoneBurner’s Salesforce dialer? Find us on the App Exchange, or call 888-369-9131 to set up a demo or free trial!