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Sales Call Mindset – 3 Crucial Beliefs for Successful Calls

Last Updated on February 16, 2021

sales call mindsetWhen it comes to great sales, mindset is key.

Your beliefs are what make up your sales mindset. You can have limiting beliefs, like “Most people don’t want my product or service,” or “I’m going to have a tough time selling this…”

Or, you can have more positive, powerful beliefs that will help vault you to sales success.

At PhoneBurner we want to make sure you have the latter. Because we know that attitude and mindset are so important for sales calls, and really any kind of sales.

So, today we’ll lay out 3 crucial beliefs for a successful sales call.

1. Every “No” brings me closer to a “Yes”

Great salespeople know that every call brings them closer to the possibility of making a sale, regardless of the result. Since most sales take multiple exposures, a “no” is literally a step on the way to a yes.

By internalizing this belief, you can easily reframe “cold call rejection” and stay positive even on your tough days.

This thinking will also help you remove yourself from being attached to the outcome—and when you are outcome independent, you have more power in interactions.

With more power and more confidence, you’ll have a better chance of making the sale.

2. Prospects need what I’m selling / My product is a solution.

If you have doubts that your prospects need what you’re selling, then you’ve already lost.

You need to believe with conviction that you’re adding tons of value by offering up your product or service. Your prospect simply won’t be able to function at their highest level without it.

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Never forget that your product is a solution. It’s solves a problem they have; something that bugs them… or costs them money… or wastes their time… or detracts from their confidence, or enjoyment of something.

Not only is this is a great belief to have, but it’s one that hones your sales message where it needs to be. After all, when you show a prospect how your product solves a problem they have, they’re forced to consider it.

I’m reminded of the famous scene in Wolf of Wall Street, where Jordan Belfort teaches his sales team their first lesson by pulling out a pen and saying, “Sell me this pen.”

A few people fail at the task, until one team member hands Jordan a napkin and tells him to write his name down. The only problem? He needs a pen to do it. And there’s a sale!

3. I’m offering a superior product/service

You need to have a strong belief in your product/service. While average sales people may blame certain aspects of the product (i.e. price, quality, availability, etc.) on their lack of sales success, you must be different.

Prospects can feel when you don’t have full belief in your product. There’s a sense of insincerity that creeps into your pitch, and it completely undermines your sales efforts.

Study your product or service and have a deep understanding of its strengths and benefits. Keep your focus on what your company is best at.

If you can internalize these beliefs, your cold call success will certainly improve. You’ll be more excited to make the next call, and have an attitude that helps you make the sale.

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Do you have any crucial beliefs for making successful cold calls? Let us know in the comments below.