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Sales Productivity Apps

6 Apps to Improve Sales Productivity & Time Management

Sales Productivity Apps

As a salesperson, time really is money.

Every month, we find ourselves wishing we’d spent more time having better conversations with better quality prospects.

Of course, it takes effort to set up those conversations. There are repetitive tasks like research, organization, planning, and correspondence that “get in the way.”

We can’t eliminate these time-sappers. They’re part of sales. But we can improve our productivity and time-management.

And our smartphones — something that often distracts us from being productive — can actually help us out.

Here are 5 sales productivity apps you can use to get an edge!

1. Headspace

Headspace is a meditation app that is gaining tremendous popularity. In fact, the founder, Andy Puddicombe, was just featured on the Ellen show.

What’s interesting, is that many people believe they don’t have time for such a practice. In reality, the practice of mindfulness makes us much more effective managers of our time. And, meditation can also help you get into the selling mood.

Our minds are running constantly all day, filled with many thoughts that distract us and weigh us down. A daily 10-minute meditation habit with an app like Headspace can pay huge dividends in boosting productivity, focus, and confidence.

2. Focusbooster

Have you ever tried working with the Pomodoro technique? It alternates working blocks of 25 – 50 minutes with short 5-10 minute breaks in between. This working pattern has been shown to increase focus and productivity, especially when performing difficult mind-consuming tasks.

The Focusbooster app makes it easy to work with the Pomodoro technique. It allows you to easily choose the length of your working blocks as well as the length of your breaks.

3. FaxBurner

When it comes to sales and contracts, faxing is still an oft-used tool. Whether some of your clients still rely on faxing or you do, it’s nice to be able to fax without actually using a fax machine.

After all, the fax machine is outdated – it wastes times (as well as paper), and then you have to worry about organizing the documents properly. Plus, it’s not exactly convenient for the on-the-go, telecommuting work trend that is so common today.

Luckily with apps like FaxBurner, you can fax without a machine. Simply send and receive faxes straight from your smartphone.


This app allows you to create programs that respond to events with a certain action. It stands for “If this, then that”.

For example, you can use the app to send you an email every time certain prospects post on LinkedIn. Or automatically save attachments to dropbox. Or get notifications when there’s industry news you care about.

The app can save you time from constantly checking important updates. Now you can get automatically notified however you choose.

5. RescueTime

How do you actually spend your workday? In order to be more productive, it helps to know exactly where you’re putting in your time (and the results can be surprising).

RescueTime sends you a weekly report of how you spend your time on the internet. You’ll see which sites you browse, and for how long you browse them. You may just discover that you’re wasting a little too much time on sites like Facebook. From there, you can start cutting down on that wasted time and use it to be more productive.

6. Salesgasm

Sales training and motivation is critical to every sales professional. But it takes time. With the Salesgasm app you can get your daily dose on the go, or even listen at work while doing mundane and organizational tasks.


When you improve your productivity, you can use your time more efficiently. That means more time for conversations and real sales driving activities. Use these apps to grow productivity and manage your time more effectively.

What are some of your favorite sales productivity apps? Let us know in the comments below!