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Should You Leave Voicemails on Sales Calls? The Clear Answer.

Last Updated on February 25, 2020

Should you leave sales voicemails

There’s a good amount of debate on whether sales professionals should bother to leave a voicemail during sales calls.

Where do YOU stand?

The Arguments Against Leaving Voicemails

The biggest arguments against are that it takes a long time, it’s a slog, and that response rates are low. Let’s examine each…

Leaving voicemails eats up a lot of time

Obviously, speaking your message is bound to take 20-40 seconds per message. But, that’s only half of it. When you factor in listening to the contact’s recording and waiting for a beep, you’re looking at close to a minute.

Multiply that by the number of times you reach voicemail (over 70% of calls), and it’s easy to see how much of prospecting time can go toward this activity.

It’s suuuuuch a drag

Repeating the same message over and over is a chore. Your heart sinks just a little lower each time you realize you’ve reached voicemail.

And then there’s the response rates

An overwhelming majority of voicemails don’t result in a callback. So naturally, it’s worth asking is it worth all of this time leaving messages for that rare returned call… when I could be doing something else?

We think so.

For a lot of reasons actually…

The Arguments For Leaving a Voicemail

While the time-sucking nature and low response rate arguments are valid, they don’t really tell the whole story.

Here are some very compelling reasons why sales professionals should leave voicemails when they prospect.

Leaving a voicemail can be fast. Like really fast.

Are you convinced that there is better use of your time than leaving voicemail after voicemail?

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Then why not use a dialer with a voicemail drop to leave your pre-recorded messages for you?

In the same amount of time it takes you to hang up the phone, you can drop a pre-recorded message at the click of a button. You don’t even have to wait for the beep. The software hangs on the line until the right moment and drops your voicemail, while you’re already dialing the next contact.

Better voicemail scripts have better response rates

Sure, the statistics may point to weak callback rates industry-wide. But how many sales professionals have a finely tuned winning sales script? Not many.

Your response rates with an effective voicemail script will far exceed industry averages. Even an extra callback or two per day can have a dramatic impact on your sales pipeline.

Here’s something else to think about…

Voicemails paired with emails = even more callbacks

A smart voicemail tactic is to refer to an email that you’ll be sending. Doing so gives you an opportunity to reinforce the benefit you deliver or drive them to a website to learn more, both of which increase the odds of a callback.

And if they see your well-written email first, they’re more likely to give your voicemail the attention it deserves, rather than a quickly deleting it.

Good news, with PhoneBurner the same click that drops your voicemail can send a personalized email as well.

Leaving a voicemail increases the odds they’ll pickup next time

There are two possible wins with a voicemail. The first, of course, is a callback. The second, which is often overlooked, is that your prospect is more likely to answer the next time you call. Even if your voicemail isn’t compelling enough to produce an instant callback, it may very well pique enough curiosity that they decide to answer the next time they see you calling.

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Voicemail persistence pays off

We all know that making sales requires persistence. So it’s basically a given that you’ll be calling prospects multiple times.

What if your odds of a callback increased as you left more messages? According to data scientist Donato Diorio of RingLead, that’s precisely what happens. Callbacks increase from 11% on the first call, to 22% on the second, to 33% on the third.

Now, your numbers may vary, but those numbers are compelling – especially compared to the alternative…

Calling multiple times without leaving a voicemail is skeevy

How do you feel when you see the same number in your Caller ID, but have never received a message? Exactly. Each subsequent call from your Caller ID in which you don’t leave a message only serves to reduce trust, derailing your chance of a callback, much less a sale.

Summing Up Whether You Should Leave Sales Voicemails

There are certainly arguments for both sides of this coin. And the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of leaving voicemails will vary greatly by industry, who you’re calling, and all kinds of other factors.

However, there are a lot of compelling reasons to leave voicemails when you dial. Especially because you can use software that can drop voicemails and send a corresponding email in the same amount of time it takes to hang up!