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How to Talk to More Prospects Every Time You Dial

12 Ways to Talk to More Prospects When You Make Sales Calls

Last Updated on February 16, 2021

How to Talk to More Prospects Every Time You Dial

Quality conversations are the currency of sales success. Unfortunately, it can be downright difficult to get prospects and decision-makers on the phone. So what’s a motivated salesperson to do?

We’ll cover that today.

Here are 12 ways to talk to more prospects when you do dials:

1. Block out a good time of day to make calls

Don’t let distractions and other obligations get in the way of a successful dial session. Block out a good chunk of time, ideally towards the beginning of the day, when you can be focused, high-energy, and productive.

2. Push yourself to add more contacts to your dial list

Kind of a no-brainer.

Unfortunately, call reluctance and other excuses often get in the way, and we let ourselves off the hook with a smaller lead list than we’re capable of. So before you grab your list and start dialing, ask yourself, “Can I up this with the goal of talking to more prospects today?”

3. Improve your gatekeeper strategy

Want to talk to more prospects? Get past more gatekeepers. Your delivery, script, and several other factors will impact how many decision-makers you get to talk to. So put some work into improving your gatekeeper strategy.

4. Improve your opening script

Great, so you got a decision maker on the phone. Now you’ve got to keep them there. The best way to do that is with with an effective opening script. A good opening statement hits on a hot-button or pain-point of your prospect, and opens the door to a conversation.

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Don’t underestimate the impact this can have on the number of prospects you talk to, and opportunities you uncover.

5. Use dialer software

Of course, we had to include this one. PhoneBurner increases outbound productivity by streamlining all kinds of tasks that slow down sales reps, and reduce conversations. That includes dialing, dropping voicemails and sending emails, logging calls, moving contacts around, and more (we’ll discuss a few of these later).

Bottom line? If you’re still dialing by hand or manually performing post-call workflows, it’s time to look into dialer software.

6. Leverage local Caller ID

Prospects are a lot more likely to answer the phone when they recognize the area code. Local ID lets you dynamically display local Caller IDs to match the area code of the contact you’re dialing.

7. Ditch the “telemarketer delay”

Some software – auto dialers and predictive dialers among them – produce an audible (and awkward) pause after someone answers, while routing the call to an available agent. This delay, often referred to as the “telemarketer’s delay” is notorious for inducing anger… and hangups.

With PhoneBurner, you’re always on the line when someone answers.

8. Drop voicemails and improve your script

Voicemails are one of those things salespeople often don’t bother with:

a) to save time
b) because they don’t think it’s effective

Even if callbacks are rare, they do happen. With an effective voicemail script, you’ll increase those numbers… AND you’re more likely that the prospect picks up, or comes to the phone next time around.

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PhoneBurner drops voicemails without you having to wait for the beep — so there’s no time wasted either.

9. Automate an email after every call

This is a big one.

A Salesforce study found that a phone call followed by an email is the most effective sales process.

Many salespeople don’t bother with them, or don’t utilize them enough. And that’s a shame. Sending emails during your dial sessions (you can automate this with PhoneBurner too) is an incredible way to talk to more prospects.

You’ll get more callbacks, you’ll nurture more relationships, and you’ll find more people are willing to talk to you the next time you call.

Pre-written, fully customized emails can be sent at the touch of a button based on any call outcome (ie. you reached voicemail, your prospect asked you to call back another time, they’re not yet interested, etc.)

10. Focus on lead quality

Outbound dialing is a time-intensive and effort-intensive. So don’t waste it on low potential leads. Focus on lead quality and you’ll talk to a lot more prospects.

11. Call leads promptly

You have much better odds of answers and closes when you call leads promptly. Calling within the first five minutes is ideal for real-time leads. While this isn’t always possible, make sure you aim to get in touch with fresh leads as early as possible.

12. Call existing customers

Keeping and selling more to existing customers is easier and less expensive than finding new ones. And because they recognize your company name, they’re more likely to answer the phone when you call. That means more conversations than with a cold list.

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Wrapping up 12 ways to talk to more prospects when you do dials…

The right adjustments and techniques can drastically increase how many prospects you talk to every hour. To recap, here are twelve things you can start doing to maximize quality talk-time when you’re prospecting…

  • Find a good block of time for calls when you’ll be focused and high-energy
  • Push yourself when it comes to how many leads you add to your list
  • Work on your gatekeeper strategy
  • Have an effective opening script that opens the door to a conversation
  • Get a power dialer to get through calls with greater efficiency
  • Leverage local caller ID to increase live answers
  • Be on the line when someone answers
  • Work on your voicemail script, and drop voicemails as a habit
  • Have a pre-written email you can send after any call outcome
  • Make sure you’re calling high-quality leads
  • Call leads when they’re fresh
  • Don’t forget about your existing clients