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PhoneBurner Software

10 reasons you’ll love our power dialer

How PhoneBurner helps you close more sales, with less effort.

Power dial leads 4x faster

Reach up to 80 contacts per hour. Our dialer software dials for you, instantly drops voicemails and sends emails, and streamlines workflows - for up to 4x more live conversations. We eliminate sales call drudgery so agents spend time doing what’s valuable – closing sales.

Drop voicemails without waiting

Tired of repeating your message over and over? Drop pre-recorded voicemails with one click, without waiting. No need to listen to your contact's recording before moving on to your next contact – a huge time saver!

No “telemarketer delay”

Auto dialers and predictive dialer solutions are infamous for dead-air delays and dropped calls, which can result in costly compliance issues. PhoneBurner eliminates dropped calls and offers 100% delay-free connections. So every call starts with promise.

Cloud based, dial from anywhere

Whether you work in a call center, office, or from home you'll love our cloud-based software. Login from anywhere. Make calls from any phone or our softphone. There's nothing to install and no special equipment needed.

Manage leads with ease

Use our CRM or integrate with yours. PhoneBurner organizes leads, logs calls and activity, keeps detailed contact records, schedules follow-ups, and more. Get clarity over your entire sales pipeline.

Automate post-call workflows

Custom “disposition sets” let you assign actions to buttons for big productivity gains. A button click can drop a voicemail, send outcome-based email, move contacts to a new folder, add to a DNC list, add notes, tags, and more.

Track email opens & engagement

Understanding lead engagement is critical to closing deals. With our SmartSender feature you'll know when prospects open emails, click links, watch videos, and view attachments - so you can strike when the iron is hot.

Automate lead distribution

Get leads to the right agents at the right time. LeadStream intelligently and automatically distributes leads using highly customizable sets of delivery rules. Fits any sales process and increases lead conversion.

Get advanced custom reporting

Carefully track productivity and performance to hold reps accountable. Access real-time stats, historical data, and call recordings to get the insights you need. Build custom reports on the fly, or have them emailed to you.

Brilliantly easy to use, no contracts

Clients rave about PhoneBurner's ease of setup and ease of use. Whether you have an office or a remote team, our power dialer software effortlessly scales to fit any size team. All with no setup fees and no contracts.

Our phone dialer powers thousands of clients and millions of calls.

Clients Clients
power dialer software
“The best dang sales tool EVER!!!!”

“The best dang sales tool EVER!!!! If you’re in sales and make phone calls then it’s the missing link!”

Nick McGowan

Woyster Media, Inc.

inside sales tool
“Do not hesitate to try PhoneBurner. It delivers!”

“I have been a phone salesperson/telemarketer for more years than I should admit to (over 30). Having used many different dialing systems, I can unequivocally and objectively endorse PhoneBurner. PhoneBurner allows me to make as many calls in ONE HOUR as I used to make in FIVE hours with other systems. Its simplicity, features, reliable and clear connections, and versatility have placed it as the #1 sales tool in my arsenal. Do not hesitate to try PhoneBurner. It delivers!

Laurie Davis

Davis & Associates B2B Telemarketing

hosted cloud dialing
“Increased 60% within two weeks.”

“Phoneburner increased our outbound prospecting potential by 60% within two weeks.

Gene Fay

Vp of Sales, Co3 Systems

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