Paul J. Ganem

BDM/ Mortgage Recruiter

“An exceptional addition to my recruiting arsenal”

“PhoneBurner has been an exceptional addition to my recruiting arsenal. If you’re a recruiter who dials day in and day out, you should try it. I dial 75+ new people per day and it’s saved me anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes depending on the dial session. The extra time has allowed me to focus on my pipeline of business. It’s a ‘must have’.”

Stefan G. Silverman

AKA Franchise Jones

“Couldn’t do what we do without it”

“My two companies, Franchise Jones Consulting and Professional Recruitment Systems do lead development for franchisors and personnel recruiting in the financial services and mortgage field. We are continually expanding our use of PhoneBurner as an efficient way for our recruiters to reach more candidates more quickly and effectively than traditional ‘dialing for dollars’ and emailing the old-fashioned way. Couldn’t do what we do without it.”

Robert Blackman

CEO, Profit Leads

“50 prospects in around 30 minutes”

“I’ve been using PhoneBurner for years and so has my team. It allows me to call and email 50 prospects in around 30 minutes. I have also used PhoneBurner to make weekly calls to my large team. Calling and emailing my team definitely does a great job of keeping them engaged and plugged into our system. Thank you PhoneBurner team!”

Kent M.

Virginia, USA

“As many people in an hour as I used to in a day and a half”

“PhoneBurner has increased my efficiency by easily 80%. I used to be able to make 15-20 calls an hour because of all the time spent dialing, leaving messages, sending follow-up emails and taking notes.

PhoneBurner does all the “heavy lifting” so I can focus on talking to people. Now I contact as many people in an hour as I used to in a day and a half. It’s the greatest invention since autoresponders!”

Rita R. & Matthew B.

Hawaii, USA

“27 people in 29 minutes”

“Leveraging our time is very important. With PhoneBurner, I was able to call 27 people in 29 minutes!

I LOVE this system!

Now I can get through a 100 calls in an hour or so… and get on to other things. The phone does NOT feel like it weighs 500 lbs. anymore!”

Zal F.

“3 times the number of calls per hour”

“I’m able to make around 3 times the number of calls per hour with PhoneBurner!

And since I never have to leave a live message anymore, I convey more enthusiasm when I reach someone live… I save my ‘live’ voice for them!”

Jason P.

“Before PhoneBurner, this would have taken me days”

“Just this morning, I completed over 100 calls in about an hour and a half. I’m amazed at how much faster my calling goes! Before PhoneBurner, this would have taken me days – if not weeks – to complete.

PhoneBurner is a “must-have” for anyone serious about building their business!”

Deborah da Silva

Mortgage Agent – Dominion Lending Centres, Expert Financial #12129

“An awesome system”

“PhoneBurner is an awesome system that I use to call my realtor list quickly. It allows me to leave a message if no one answers, saving me a lot of time!”

Darry Turock

Independent Web Designer and Marketing Coach for Offline Businesses

“Without it I would be out of business”

“PhoneBurner is an essential tool for my business. Without it, I would be out of business! It is my main and most reliable marketing tool because I always get results. It enables me to make a lot of phone calls in a short time. I don’t have to fumble with manually dialing a lot of numbers, and I can quickly sort through prospects, schedule appointments for call backs and have a way to recycle lists.

I’ve tried the competitors and find PhoneBurner gives me the ability to mange my lists more powerfully. I can search my lists by phone numbers or names. I know exactly who I called and when. Every time I make calls with PhoneBurner, I get fresh leads. For example, yesterday I called approximately 240 numbers and got five completely new leads, today I called 131 numbers and got four completely new leads.

I need to spend most of my time working on my design projects so being able to make my sales calls quickly is essential. This is one tool I will not be without!”

Mike Garrard

Premier Distributor

“A perfect marketing tool”

“The fact that PhoneBurner dials each number for me would be enough in itself for me to recommend it. But, there is so much more, like being able to record a message in my voice that I can use automatically every time I reach an answering machine and sending an email with every dial. Talk about saving time! Big wow! I also like that I can schedule follow-up calls in the calendar feature. It’s simple to upload leads and scrub duplicates. The price is right and I find it to be a ‘perfect marketing tool.’”

Ralph Y.

“A big increase in my marketing site activity, call-backs and results”

“I’ve used PhoneBurner for 675 minutes… had 216 live answers… left 363 voicemails and PhoneBurner automatically sent 674 corresponding emails!

The efficiency and effectiveness of PhoneBurner is producing a big increase in my marketing site activity, call-backs and results! I will be using PhoneBurner as much as possible.


We’ll, the ‘Whoopee’ might be too much but the rest is the truth.”

Richard P.

“This has made it a pleasure to call leads”

“I have been calling leads and have no problem getting on the phone, but PhoneBurner now has made it more fun for me to call leads. Most people look at the phone as a 50 pound weight, now just like me they can have fun calling leads. I love that you don't have to keep dialing numbers, you don’t have to leave a voice mail, and you don’t have to go to your computer and send an email, PhoneBurner does that all for you it’s amazing. So I can burn through a large amount of leads in a third of the time and leave a voice mail and a email, and get people to call or email me back. This has made it a pleasure to call leads. The system is very easy to use, and there customers service gets right back to you.

I would recommend PhoneBurner to everyone who wants to have fun in calling leads.”

Denise R.

“Averaging around 84 dials per hour”

“Before PhoneBurner I was averaging about 18 dials an hour. Then, of course, there were times while leaving a message… I’d stumble over my words and sound anything but “professional.” I can’t count the times I wished I could erase it and start over.

Now with PhoneBurner, I leave a PERFECT message, EVERY TIME! AND I fly through my leads! I'm averaging around 84 dials per hour!!!

Since I only work my business Part Time, every minute is valuable, and this tool has increased my productivity by 400%! Incredible! Thanks PhoneBurner Team!”

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