Expert Series

Branded Caller ID, spam labels, and answer rates with Hiya

Special guest Michele


Listen as our partners from Hiya discuss how they’re protecting consumers from fraudulent calls and ensuring businesses have their legitimate calls answered. In this webinar, you’ll learn what the spam trends are in the telephony industry, how and why your calls might be labeled spam, and the future of Branded Caller ID as a way for consumers to know you’re a legitimate business calling them.



  • 1:30 Host introductions
  • 2:22 Agenda
  • 3:36 PhoneBurner feature: Call Hold
  • 4:00 PhoneBurner feature: Local ID Connection Rates Report
  • 4:57 PhoneBurner feature: Dialer Presets
  • 6:10 PhoneBurner feature: LeadStreams
  • 6:51 PhoneBurner feature: Inbound Calling
  • 7:57 PhoneBurner feature: Complete Business Profile
  • 9:40 PhoneBurner feature: Live Voicemail
  • 11:18 PhoneBurner feature: Call Transfer Keypad
  • 12:30 New Branded Caller ID with Michelle from Hiya—introduction to Hiya
  • 14:33 Michelle’s agenda
  • 16:11 Poll to find out how important the voice channel is
  • 17:30 Spam and fraud calls continue to rise
  • 19:00 Understanding spam labels and how the consumer receives them
  • 19:59 The “why” behind dynamic reputation and spam labels
  • 21:40 Delivery about TFN information on mobile devices 
  • 22:37 What Branded Caller ID looks like
  • 23:21 The value of a branded call
  • 25:02 Industry and use case examples
  • 26:20 Branded calls build better connections with prospects and customers
  • 27:50-END Q&A