Master PhoneBurner

PhoneBurner + Salesforce: Get Better Call Results with Our Newest App Updates

Featuring Jeff


Join Jeff Osness, PhoneBurner's resident Training Specialist, as he walks you through the newest updates to our Salesforce app. He'll show you how it can help your team unlock more value in your pipeline, in less time, with:

More Targeted Dial Sessions

Launch dial sessions from Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Tasks, Activities, Cases and even Custom Objects

New Custom Fields

Three new fields, Total Attempts, Last Attempt, and Last Disposition, have been added to help you engage in smarter outreach

Unlock Opportunity with Cadences

Nurture leads at the right time with our pre-built 5-call cadence based on the new fields; or create your own custom sequences

Eliminate Guesswork and Downtime

A new customizable homepage gives each rep instant access to the leads, cadences and reports they need to be efficient