Welcome to the PhoneBurner API documentation.

This document describes the resources that make up the official PhoneBurner API.

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HTTP Response Codes

Responses use standard HTTP codes. Where there are client or server errors, a list of of one or more errors in JSON format is returned in the body.

Code Description
200 OK
Successful GET, PUT or PATCH
201 Created
Successful POST
204 No Content
Successful DELETE
400 Bad Request
401 Unauthorized
403 Forbidden
404 Not Found
The resource with the specific id is not found or is restricted from the current user
405 Method Not Allowed
500 Internal Server Error
501 Not Implemented
503 Service Unavailable
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HTTP Verbs

Wherever possible, the PhoneBurner API uses appropriate HTTP verbs for each action.

Verb Description
GET Used for retrieving resources.
POST Used for creating resources.
PUT Used for updating resources.
DELETE Used for deleting resources.
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While the PhoneBurner API provides a few methods for authentication, we strongly recommend using OAuth for production applications. Requests that require authentication will return 403 Forbidden

OAuth token (sent in the header)

$ curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer IJXYlIOkDEttK7cjk0lWyWHczRzWRCW1p60W5s1Z' https://www.phoneburner.com/rest/1/[route]

To learn more about authentication, go here.

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All times returned by the API are in the Central time zone.

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