Data to drive sales performance

Robust reporting tools help you monitor, measure, and motivate agents.

Transparency and accountability, for all

Get a clear picture of productivity and performance across your team.

Automatic call tracking

Automatic call tracking

PhoneBurner automatically tracks dialing activity and call outcomes. See your dialing performance over time, review individual dial session statistics, or drill down to individual call lengths and results.

Custom team reporting

Custom team reporting

Understand exactly how your agents are performing. Build reports featuring the metrics that matter most so you can assess training needs, reward top performers, and take actions that promote revenue growth.

Get reports emailed to you

In addition to querying data on the fly, have your favorite reports automatically delivered to your inbox.

Real-time leaderboards

real time sales leaderboard reports

Real-time leaderboards

Build self-updating real-time leaderboards that you can broadcast live to motivate your team. Let agents compete daily for calls made, talk time, “interested” prospects and other metrics, and watch their productivity soar.

Call Recording

Call Recording

Get the story behind the numbers, and make smarter training decisions. Call recordings are kept for 30 days and can be played directly within your account, or downloaded.

"This app truly helps inside sales reps attempt to reach 50+ leads in an hour. Our sales team loves the automated emails and the activities being logged for them. From an admin standpoint the maintenance is simple. Nice to have an app you can actually calculate an ROI."

Lee Bennett


"We have been using Phone Burner for our national marketing agency (Insurance) for over a year now and it has been the most important tool for us in our marketing arsenal. The level of customer support is top notch."

Atticus Killough

Keller Williams

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