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On Q Financial scores major uptick in call volume, live answer rates, speed to lead, and rep satisfaction

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Key Achievements
  • Seamlessly integrated with their CRM after struggling with other dialers.
  • Rapidly deployed to call center reps, with strong engagement and satisfaction.
  • Improved vital KPIs including speed to contact, live answers, and conversions.
  • Expanded usage of PhoneBurner from Consumer Direct to Business Development.

On Q Financial is a national mortgage lender with offices coast-to-coast across the United States. Their human-centric process, which blends expert guidance with a faster, more flexible loan funding process, has earned them rave reviews from happy homeowners.

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“They were up and running day one, making phone calls like crazy. They love it.”

Shane Miller

Shane Miller

Senior VP Eastern Division

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Challenges and Objectives

Phone outreach is critical to On Q Financial’s Consumer Direct division. All day, every day, a substantial number of high-value leads flow into their funnel, and because prospects typically request information from multiple lenders, every second counts.

Shane Miller, Senior VP of the Eastern Division, needed a dialing system that could tie-in to his CRM. He was searching for something seamless for his reps that facilitated “speed to lead,” giving him an important edge over his competition. Miller had tried multiple options, but his team repeatedly logged complaints about steep learning curves, integration issues and other complications.

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The Solution

The first step was to set up the integration and compare his team's experience against prior systems. It was an instant hit. “PhoneBurner really integrates well and without IT headaches” explained Miller, adding “it's simple and doesn't require a lot of training.”

On Q Financial adopted a wide range of PhoneBurner features. The dialers leveraged 1-click voicemails, and workflow automation. Management made use of features like call recordings and analytics, which delivered easy access to important metrics without having to be “over everybody's shoulder.”

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The Results

It worked so well in Consumer Direct that Business Development picked it up

From one department to the next, PhoneBurner has replaced headaches with happiness. From the IT department, to the call center reps, to management, and now to the Business Development department, “the complaints have stopped,” Miller beams, “It’s seamless.”

The company is making more calls and getting to leads faster than ever. His team is having more quality conversations so they “get higher conversion rates.” Management is excited by the results and the increased oversight. “It’s easy to check the data on the calls” to keep things moving in the right direction - which is exactly where On Q Financial is headed.


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