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Sales Calling Scripts That Actually Work [FREE TEMPLATE]

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When you’re making hundreds of cold calls each week, preparation matters. In fact, preparation is the most important ingredient in the secret sauce to cold call success. So, how do you prepare yourself for a cold call? Use sales calling scripts.

I know. I know.

Sales calling scripts get a bad rap. And guess what, even if you don’t think you have a script, you do have a script – it just might be one you improvise. No one wants to sound like a mindless robot, after all. But, if you do it right, your sales calling script will help you instantly connect with your prospect and lay the groundwork for a profitable relationship.  Read More…

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Tips for Finding the Best Cold Calling Software for Your Sales Team

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Cold calling can be tough, which is why so many salespeople are hesitant to do it. The uncertainty, the hang ups, the defensiveness, the monotony—it’s a lot to put yourself through multiple times an hour, eight hours a day, five days a week. 

To be blunt: Cold calling can be agonizing.

But there’s a reason why we’re still cold calling. Cold calling can be wildly effective and is one of the best strategies for generating new leads. Read More…

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Outbound Calling Software: 3 Essential Features to Look For!

woman using outbound calling software

What are the top features to look for in an outbound calling software?

How should you identify the right one for your team?

It’s important to note that not all call center systems are equal. This is why you can’t just settle on a software based on price alone. Take a good hard look at the software’s feature sets, and decide which one best meets your team’s unique needs.

For example, if your primary focus is on outbound calls, your team needs a calling system that drives quality conversations. That includes the ability to make dozens of calls per hour quickly and efficiently. However it also means making the most of those calls, for example, by using software that doesn’t produce an awkward pause at the start of each call. Read More…

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How to Deliver a Great Customer Experience

Delivering a great customer experience

How do you deliver a great customer experience that generates positive sentiment and increases customer loyalty?

There are all kinds of ways to do it, but success boils down to a few core strategies that are well within any company’s reach.

In this post, we discuss how to create a great customer experience that will set your business apart from your competitors, and earn you fans, referrers and rave reviews. Read More…

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How Unishippers Quadrupled Call Volume Productivity With a Power Dialer Without Hiring More Reps

Power dialer success story Unishippers

Is increasing productivity important to you? Have you ever thought, If I could boost my team’s sales performance, I could dominate my industry? The solution to your dilemma may be as simple as: Use a power dialer.

Your power dialer can take what you’re already doing and supercharge it. If you’re connecting with 100 prospects per day now, your power dialer will enable you to reach up to 300 more prospects. Read More…