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Why Your Phone Dialer Should Sync with your CRM (And How Easy It Is To Do)

Sync dialer with your crm

Thanks to Claudia Martinez of PieSync for this guest post.

Your CRM is the core of your business. It’s where you store most of your customer data. That’s why it’s the best resource your salespeople have to close deals. At the same time, it’s an information bank that helps your marketing team understand what drives a customer’s decision.

But a CRM is only as good as the data in it. Your CRM will quickly lose efficiency when it’s not in sync with the other business tools that store customer data. All the apps you use to interact with customers and prospects gather invaluable insights. That’s especially true for the software you use to power phone calls and dialing activity – a key source of personal and immediate communication which holds great value for your company. Read More…

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Are These Common Limiting Beliefs Hurting Your Sales Numbers?

Limiting beliefs in sales and overcoming them

How you view yourself and your circumstances has a lot of impact on your sales success.

While the benefits of a positive outlook are well known, the unfortunate truth is that salespeople often take on limiting beliefs instead. These negative thoughts and doubts can cause sales professionals to lose confidence, miss out on opportunities, and in extreme cases, quit sales altogether.

Thankfully, you can prevent many common limiting beliefs from setting in. Read More…

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Cold Call Anxiety? 7 Hacks to Feel and Sound More Confident!

cold call anxiety hacks

“Woohoo! Let’s go make some cold calls!” said no one ever.

Making cold calls is just not something most people love to do. Sure, many salespeople enjoy aspects of it. Many more simply get used to it and come to appreciate the value of it.

But for most people, cold calling can be a source of anxiety. Especially in the beginning. In fact, 40% of salespeople report experiencing intense cold call anxiety at some point in their career. Read More…

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7 Things Salespeople Can Do to Increase Customer Loyalty

increase customer loyalty

Loyal customers are the backbone of virtually every successful business. After all, it’s easier and less expensive to invest in keeping existing customers longer, than to continually find new ones. Even businesses that do manage to consistently bring in new business, can be destroyed by churn.

That’s why it’s so important for sales professionals to understand how to build loyalty with prospects, and how to maintain these relationships to create relationships that endure. Read More…

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When to Fire a Salesperson – 9 Signs It’s Time to Move On

When to fire a salesperson

No one likes the idea of having to let go of a salesperson, but there are times when a working relationship needs to end.

In some cases, the offender simply isn’t a good fit for the particular organization. In other cases, there may be obvious signs that the person just isn’t cut out for the sales industry in general.

If you’re facing a tough decision in your organization about severing ties with a salesperson, consider the following nine signs it may be time to let go: Read More…