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3 Core Principles of Sales Mastery

3 core sales prinicples

One of the things we preach here at PhoneBurner is constant improvement – always be learning, growing, and getting better.

And surely, there is no shortage of content on effective sales strategies and tips.

Much of it presents good, practical advice for expanding your skillset.

But sometimes it’s critical to take a step back. To go back to the basics. To remind yourself of the fundamental sales principles that govern sales success.

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A Sales Voicemail Script that Crushes It!

voicemail script for sales

Voicemail – a word that brings a shudder to every outbound sales professional.

With sales call live answer rates hovering around 13%, on average, there’s just no getting around them. Statistically speaking, when you place a call you can bet it’s going to voicemail.

Frustrating? Yes.

But it stresses just how important it is to have an effective sales voicemail script.

Sales reps often leave totally unstructured voicemail messages that bore or confuse their clients. Other times sales reps make the mistake of hanging-up without leaving any message at all.

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7 Quotes to Help You Out of a Sales Slump

7 quotes to help you out of a sales slump

Even the best salespeople have their down days (and weeks and months).

It’s important to look into your methods to see what’s causing the downturn in results, but sometimes the slump itself can be to blame… bringing down your confidence, and your sales charisma with it.

Your mindset matters. So sometimes it helps to have a helpful nudge in the right direction. That’s our goal today  – to give you some inspiring quotes to help end your sales slump!

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6 Elements of Effective Sales Follow-Up Emails

Good sales follow-up emails

Wouldn’t it be great if all your sales happened on the first contact?

Imagine it… you make one phone call, qualify, understand the problem, pitch your solution and then they buy.

If only.

Even if a client is a highly qualified prospect, and  they agree that your solution meets their needs, it’s still unlikely you’ll be able to make the sale without significant follow up.

Sometimes this is because the timing isn’t quite right, sometimes it’s because someone else is involved in the decision making, and often it’s simply due to the fact that decisions take time!

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5 Valuable Tips for Sales Rookies

5 tips for sales rookies

You’ve just landed your first sales job. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, you’re ready to get things rolling.

But what’s next?

How can you make the most of this new opportunity, and crush it in your first sales job?

It comes down to avoiding some common mistakes, taking the right actions, and controlling your temperament.

Here are 5 tips all rookie salespeople should take to heart.

Reframe Rejection

You’re a sales rookie, but you probably know this already. Yesses are hard to come by. So it’s important to avoid looking at rejection, even a lot of it, as failure. The key is to reframe rejection so you can stay confident.

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