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10 Relaxation Hacks to Reduce Stress at Work

Reducing stress at work

Any workplace can be stressful, although it certainly seems that the sales field is a leader in that regard.

No matter what kind of work or work environment you find yourself in, it’s good to have a plan to relax and combat stress, pressure, and anxiety when the need arises.

It’s important to a healthy career, a healthy life, and your ability to return to your best and most productive self. Read More…

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7 YouTube Channels Every Salesperson Should Check Out

YouTube Channels for Sales Professionals

YouTube isn’t just for leisure and entertainment. And cat videos.

The popular video site is also home to all kinds of incredible, free content that you can learn from. Sales content is no exception. From strategy to motivation to self growth, YouTube’s got you covered. As long as you know where to look.

Today, we’re covering seven YouTube channels every salesperson should check out. Read More…

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How to Effectively Personalize Your Sales Calls

How to personalize your sales calls

Successful sales calls hinge upon your ability to connect with leads.

To do that, you can’t sounded like a scripted robot – you need to personalize your sales calls. Succeed and your contacts will feel like you’re speaking to them and their unique needs. Fail and you come off sounding like you only care about a sale.

Of course, it’s easy to recommend personalizing a sales call, but pulling it off without sounding forced can be a challenge. Read More…

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7 Business Lessons You Can Learn from Lebron James

Lebron James business lessons

Lebron James has made it to the NBA Finals for the eighth straight time and the ninth overall thanks to another excellent postseason performance.

While Lebron’s athletic ability is extraordinary, it’s not the only reason he has been so successful.

In fact, much of his success is due to things that can help anyone achieve greatness in their field.

Today, we’re looking at seven business lessons we can learn from Lebron James. Read More…

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9 Sales Presentation Tips to Move Your Deal Forward (or Make the Sale)

Sales Presentation Tips to Help You Sell More

Your sales presentation is a defining moment.

It determines whether the window of opportunity slams shut, stays open, or if you seal the deal. The fact that the prospect is letting you do the presentation in the first place means that there is some level of interest.

A good presentation successfully illustrates the value of the product to the prospect.

A weak one leaves them bored, confused, underwhelmed, or overwhelmed. Read More…