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The Salesperson’s Guide to a Healthy Sleep Routine

Salesperson's Guide to a Healthy Sleep Routine

While your nighttime routine probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you consider factors that affect your sales numbers, it’s much more important than you may realize.

Getting sufficient, high-quality sleep isn’t just critical for overall health, it’s vital for performance as well. Sleep impacts everything from focus, to mood, to productivity, to mental agility. Read More…

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6 Motivational Videos to Kickstart Your Sales Team

Motivational videos for sales teams

While good salespeople are highly motivated to begin with, it never hurts to have an extra dose of inspiration to start the day.

If you like giving speeches, you may be able to rally the troops yourself.

But whether or not you’re the public speaking type, it’s smart to have some motivational videos in your back pocket.

It’s also a nice habit to get your sales team into, so they can seek out other motivational sales videos, inspiring sales quotes, or podcasts that resonate with them. Read More…

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7 Books that Will Change the Way You Work

7 Books that Will Change the Way You Work

A great book can change your perspective and help you take the next step with your career. But there are a near-endless number of books claiming to do this, and many of them fall short.

Today, we’re going to help you find the books that are worth your valuable time.

Some of them are very specifically about business and professional success. Others tread closer to personal and interpersonal growth. All of them will help you navigate your way to a more successful and enjoyable career. Read More…

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5 Unique (and Fun) Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team

Unique and fun ways to motivate your sales team

Great salespeople are naturally competitive and driven. Still, it’s challenging for anyone to stay fully motivated day in and day out.

When you’re running a business, it’s important to keep motivation high for your sales team and ensure that off days are few and far between.

Setting goals and encouraging salespeople are common motivational tactics, but because they’re used so often, they usually don’t make a huge impact. Read More…

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How to Find the Right Salespeople for Your Startup

The sales team plays a big role in the success of a startup company.

Unlike more established companies, startups often have to get results without the luxury of exposure, a refined product or service, reputation and social proof, or time-tested processes.

That’s why the hiring process for new salespeople is as important as it gets.

So today, we’ll cover tips for finding the right salesperson, or salespeople, for your startup. Read More…