Dialer Differences

How is our dialer different?

What PhoneBurner does (and notably, doesn't do) to help
your business communicate safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Call with confidence, not fear

Get more Trust & Safety features with PhoneBurner

Time zone restrictions

Built-in tools help you avoid calling contacts outside of TCPA-approved calling hours.

Internal Do-Not-Call management

Built-in tools help you avoid calling customers who have requested not to be called.

DNC.com integration

Simplify Do-Not-Call compliance with smart, automated list scrubbing against the National and any applicable State Do-Not-Call Registries.

No “telemarketer delay”

Calls begin with no awkward pause; agents are already on the line and can reply immediately after hearing “hello.”

No dropped calls

Avoid TSR fines (and wasted live answers) due to dropped calls, which don’t occur with our software.

Agent-initiated calls

Since every call and voicemail is initiated by an agent, PhoneBurner is not an autodialer under the TCPA nor subject to related autodialer rules.

Scam/spam flag remediation

With industry-leading carrier and agency relationships our team can work on your behalf to help remediate false and undeserved flags.
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Number verification

Every Caller ID used to dial is verified for ownership to protect you and prevent spoofing.

Number monitoring

Make smarter decisions that support number reputation with scam/spam flag monitoring.

Number registration

We help register your numbers with the FreeCallerRegistry to reduce spam/scam flags.

Caller ID management

Get unmatched Caller ID flexibility while complying with the Truth in Caller ID Act.

Branded Caller ID

Brand calls on 250+ million devices to build trust and drive better, longer conversations.


PhoneBurner fully supports compliance with FCC’s STIR/SHAKEN regulations and helps your business attain the necessary attestation.

Business Verification

Industry-leading processes protect your business and help safeguard the legitimate calls of honest businesses.

A2P registration

Get streamlined registration for carrier-compliant business texting via The Campaign Registry. PhoneBurner is one of a few select software providers with a direct integration to The Campaign Registry.

Tier 1 Carrier

We're the 1st and only dialer with a Tier 1 carrier. Deep carrier relationships and investments in premium telecom mean superior quality and dramatically reduced spam risk.
Why Power Dial?

Benefits & risks: How different dialers stack up

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Reach a high volume of contacts, efficiently
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Reduce speed-to-lead with smart lead distribution
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Calls begin without a beep, pause, or delay
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Custom 1-click voicemails and emails for unanswered calls
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Fewer hangups and higher quality conversations
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Eliminates abandoned calls
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Eliminates risk of TSR penalties due to dropped calls
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Reduced risk of "short duration" calls and associated spam flags
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Reduced risk of number blocking and associated spam flags
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Bottom line: PhoneBurner is a beautiful balance of efficiency and quality - not a choice between the two.
A PhoneBurner customer success agent ready to help

Why go it alone?

Working with PhoneBurner means always having someone to turn to. Our experienced Trust & Safety team is your ally and advocate. We can’t offer you legal advice, but we can provide you with the tools you need to navigate the constantly evolving compliance environment while supporting your long-term business goals.

What PhoneBurner is not

Often what we lack is a strength, not a limitation
PhoneBurner is an innovative outreach solution that empowers businesses to engage in responsible one-to-one communications in exceedingly efficient and surprisingly scalable ways.
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