Frequently Asked Questions about PhoneBurner

About PhoneBurner

PhoneBurner is a cloud-based power dialer and outreach solution that helps agents maximize quality conversations while minimizing time-consuming tasks and workflows. PhoneBurner blends calls, email, and SMS, and gives admins a powerful set of tools to scale best practices that win deals.

There are a number of ways PhoneBurner is unique from other software solutions. Here are 3 of the most important.

First, unlike other dialers designed solely to increase call volume, PhoneBurner's North Star metric is quality live conversations. We believe in increasing productivity without adversely affecting quality. Our software is 100% delay-free - with no awkward connection delays - so calls start with promise, not hangups.

We are also experts in compliance and live answer rates, and blend smart technology with human expertise to help clients maximize engagement metrics.

Second, our platform's automation capabilities are second to none. Our dialer is completely customizable, automatically logs calls and activity, and performs an remarkable array of post-call processes - with a click of a disposition button.

Lastly, we're partners in our customers long-term success and deliver a human-centric customer experience that reflects that. From no-pressure sales and expert onboarding to award-winning support and hands-on customer success, we aim to wow with every customer interaction. You'll feel the difference from day 1.

PhoneBurner is cloud-based, so your team can log in from any computer with an internet connection. Calls can be made using any phone or our softphone. A headset is helpful but not necessary.

Certainly. Many of our clients work remotely some or all of the time. As a 100% remote team since 2008, we have extensive experience setting up outreach, reporting, and lead generation processes that facilitate remote and work-at-home environments. We're here to help.

It generally depends on the size of your team and the complexity of your setup. Within minutes, you can import contacts and start your first dial session. Customizing your account with pre-recorded voicemails, email templates, disposition sets, and other workflow automations takes additional time, and will yield further increases in efficiency and sales potential. An onboarding specialist will help set up and customize your account to get you up and running quickly.

No! You know when you get a call and say “hello” and then you hear that “dead air” for a second or two? We’re not about that. Especially because they tend to make the person who answers the phone annoyed, or skeptical, or prone to hanging up.

Predictive dialers are infamous for their dead-air delay, and carry an inherent risk of violating FCC, TSR and TCPA regulations related to dropped calls.

PhoneBurner is a power dialer. It carries no risk of dropped calls, yet it can realistically multiply your contact rates and live conversations while helping your team scale best practices that win deals.

No, PhoneBurner is not an auto dialer. Like predictive dialers, auto-dialers route answered calls to live agents (again, producing that dreaded awkward pause) or play recorded messages when a human answers, or if an agent "presses one." With auto-dialers, the software controls the dial session and process, which can cause companies to run afoul of new FCC regulations with heavy fines.

Not so with PhoneBurner, which gives you complete control of the dialing experience. You (or your admin) decide which contacts to dial and you'll remain on the phone live from the beginning to end of each call. You'll blaze through contacts, leave one-touch voicemails and emails, and streamline workflows. And you'll multiply the quantity and quality of live conversations in the process.

PhoneBurner goes through great lengths in the design of our network infrastructure, data center security, and software coding standards to ensure your data is safe and secure. Here are some ways that we go above and beyond to protect your data:

  • We enforce public requests to use HTTPs to keep data in-transit safe.
  • We utilize Multiple firewall technologies to filter web-requests and ensure only acceptable traffic enters our environments.
  • We employ DDOS mitigation strategies; this includes partnering with top-tier network partners; implementing dynamically scaling server environments capable of sustaining highly variable load.
  • Requests are filtered using Web-Application Firewall rules that mitigate against known attack vectors.
  • We are undergoing an audit with an AICPA accredited audit firm to achieve SOC2 Type 2 certification.
  • We review Security Assessments, ISO certificates, and/or SOC2 certification from our vendors.
  • We are PCI compliant (We rely on PCI-DSS compliant payment processors and do not retain credit card information in our databases).
  • We implement Continuous Integration backed by rigorous testing and utilize "one-button deployment" mechanisms to mitigate against human-error on code-release.
  • We ensure a high degree of data durability by operating multiple databases, replicas, delayed replicas, and extensive multi-cloud backups for our databases.
  • We retain audit logs for an extensive period of time, allowing our engineering team to thoroughly investigate anomalies in our environments.

Our clients love working with us. And we're not just saying that. On top of video training, webinars, and written tutorials, we deliver world-class, live US-based support. Our goal is to help you connect with more people, and close more deals, so we're always reachable for advice, support, and training.

PhoneBurner is a 100% remote company. We're proud to have a diverse, dedicated team spanning coast-to-coast across the United States.

Using Our Dialer

Call lists can be built manually, using advanced searches/cadence, or via custom lead distribution rules known as LeadStreams. Once contacts are selected simply click "Begin Dial Session" and connect to PhoneBurner with any phone or our softphone.

Once in a dial session, the dialer window puts everything you need at your fingertips — allowing you to leave voicemails, send emails, take notes, schedule follow-ups, access scripts and more all in just a few clicks — as you move from one contact to the next.

Never! Unlike other dialers, connections with PhoneBurner are instant. No dropped calls. No awkward clicks, beeps, or pauses. The experience is as seamless as if you dialed by hand - so calls start with promise, not hangups.

It depends on a number of factors from the kind of list you're calling, to your call answer rate, to the length and duration of your live conversations, however agents can reach up to 80 contacts per hour.

Yes! Store as many pre-recorded voicemails as you need. During a dial session, you can leave your chosen voicemail with the click of a button, as soon as you know you've reached a voice mailbox. PhoneBurner hangs on the line to leave your message, while instantly dialing your next contact. A big time saver.

Yes. At the beginning of each dial session, you can decide what number(s) to display on your recipients' Caller ID. Use your own phone numbers, and/or purchase phone numbers from us to use for various call campaigns.

Yes. Build trust and improve engagement metrics with branded calling. Tell customers who's calling on over 250 million devices with one solution - and turn unanswered calls into welcomed conversations.

Customize PhoneBurner to automate workflows for any call outcome. A disposition button can:

  • Leave a pre-recorded voicemail
  • Add someone to your do-not-call list
  • Set a status for your contact
  • Record a note or tag
  • Move the contact to a folder
  • Send a personalized follow-up email/attachments
  • Send a personalized text message
  • And more

Create as many buttons and button sets as needed to streamline all of your outreach campaigns.

Yes. All of our plans include call recording, though storage term varies based on the package you choose. Call recording can be enabled/disable as needed, and recordings can be played inside of your account or downloaded.

Yes. Create "transfer agents" and easily transfer any call to your desired agent. Transfer agents do not need to be PhoneBurner customers.

While our service can be used anywhere, currently PhoneBurner can only be used to dial numbers in the United States and Canada. We are exploring international dialing capabilities and will update our customers when this service becomes available.

CRM & Lead Management

Absolutely. PhoneBurner features a built-in CRM that helps you manage contacts, monitor history and activity, and maintain well-organized follow-up and workflows.

In all likelihood, yes. Our integration capabilities include:

  • Direct integrations with Salesforce, iJungo, Zoho CRM, HubSpot, SugarCRM, and
  • Third-party integrations are also available for many more CRMs and platforms including Microsoft Dynamics, ActiveCampaign, NetSuite, Pipedrive, PipelineDeals, Vtiger CRM, BaseCRM, Marketo, Pardot, MailChimp, Constant Contact, and many others. Contact us for specific info on your CRM.
  • An API for custom integrations

We are continuing to explore more direct integrations.

Our simple import tool walks you through the process. Select your source file CSV, choose a destination folder, administer settings (tags, handling duplicates, do-not-call scrub, etc.) and then map the fields to your CRM.

PhoneBurner offers advanced search capabilities to help you conduct more targeted and productive dial sessions. Use saved searches to build dynamic self-updating call lists based on previous call attempts and outcomes, as well as multi-step cadences that ensure contacts are nurtured at the right time, every time.

Absolutely. Email contacts manually, or, send fully personalized “one-touch” emails from the dialer window based on the outcome of a call. Emails can be sent from our server or your own.

Emails can come from our server, or you can use your own SMTP server.

Yes. Using our SmartSender feature, Yyou can track email opens, link clicks, video views, attachment views and more.

SmartSender is like email on steroids. Get real-time notifications when contacts engage with your emails and attachments. Know when someone opens an email, clicks a link, views an attachment, watches a video, and more — so you can follow up at the perfect time.

Yes. PhoneBurner blends calls, emails, and SMS. Text directly from a contact record, during dial sessions, or trigger 1-click text messages based on call outcome.

Absolutely. Easily schedule follow-up calls and appointments while using PhoneBurner. Our calendar can seamlessly sync with your Google calendar.

Managing A Team

Phoneburner is built for teams of all sizes, and is highly scalable to meet the needs of growing and evolving organizations. Our clients range from a single seat to hundreds. Try us for free and get started with no contracts or setup fees.

A dedicated admin portal gives sales leaders all of the tools they need to manage, monitor, and motivate their team. Add or remove seats as needed, edit permissions and settings, access reports and coaching tools, and get agents up and running quickly with shared content, custom scripts, fields, button configurations, email templates, attachments, and more. A non-dialing admin account is free.

Absolutely. PhoneBurner automatically logs call activity and outcomes for your team, giving you full visibility over team productivity and performance. Use our reporting and analytics tools to hold agents accountable, assess training needs, and drive results. Create real-time leaderboards, and build custom reports and reports-by-email featuring all of the metrics that matter.

Yes. Your live dial session dashboard presents all of your active agents and allows you to jump between calls as needed. Listen-in, Whisper coaching, and Barge are all available to help you monitor and improve team performance in real time.

Or, access call recordings for convenient post-call evaluation.

Yes! Save time, improve speed-to-lead, and maximize lead value with LeadStream, our intelligent lead distribution engine. Create shared lead pools or and automatically deliver leads to agents based on custom rules to fit your sales processes.

Yes. Pay only for the seats you need.

Pricing & Terms

PhoneBurner offers flexible plans to meet the needs of your team. Get unlimited dialing from $149/month. Save 15% with an annual plan.

PhoneBurner has no per-minute charges. All plans include unlimited dialing.

No, and we're proud of that. We built a sales platform that teams love to use and that drives real ROI. We're excited to earn your business month after month. When you know PhoneBurner is a sound investment for your team, you can get two months free with an annual plan.

No to both. We offer straightforward month-to-month pricing, and include all of the support and guidance you need.

Try PhoneBurner for free without a credit card. We'll give you free minutes to test-drive the dialer, along with resources and support to determine if our solution meets your needs.

Evaluating PhoneBurner for your team? Get a custom demo of our solution and administrator tools, plus the opportunity for you and your agents to test the software. No-pressure sales and expert onboarding ensure a seamless transition from evaluation and decision to a successful launch.


You are responsible for complying with all applicable regulations concerning calls, emails, and SMS, including, but not limited to, opt-in consent, unsubscribes and opting out of communications, "do-not-call" lists, and calling during legally permissible hours.

PhoneBurner helps you manage a personal do-not-call list. Our software also integrates with to facilitate real-time scrubbing against the national Do-Not-Call registry, and known TCPA litigators and serial plaintiffs.

PhoneBurner will not call a number after 9:00pm local time as determined by the time zone of the associated area code. As mobile numbers don't always match up to locations, we recommend excluding contacts if it is potentially after-hours when you are dialing.

Please also be aware that there are additional telemarketing rules including call restrictions on certain days, holidays, disasters, etc., as well as more restrictive call time restrictions in some states. It's important to familiarize yourself with these rules and ensure you remain in compliance.

Yes. PhoneBurner fully supports these FCC and Carrier regulations designed to reduce spam, prevent call spoofing and bring trust and transparency to voice and text communications. A Business Verification Form is used to help register our customers and their numbers for improved call and text deliverability, and to acquire A-level attestation on purchased numbers.

No, and for good reason. Multi-line dialers result in dropped calls that put companies at risk of costly TCPA and TSR violations. They are also infamous for negatively impacting outbound calling campaigns due to an awkward pause at the start of each call. PhoneBurner is a single-line dialer built to help you engage more contacts and grow your revenue. We help you multiply your contact rates by about 4x, but we do it one dial at a time to maximize the quality of your live interactions. Boom!

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