What's better than auto dialer software?

See how our power dialer makes outreach faster, easier, and more profitable.

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What's better than
auto dialer software?

See how our power dialer makes outreach faster, easier, and more profitable.

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Up to 4x more conversations

No dropped calls

No awkward pause

Better than Auto dialer software

Powering 2+ million monthly conversations

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Auto dialer vs. Power dialer

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Reach a high volume of contacts, quickly

Connections are instant with no pause or delay

Reps have fewer hangups and higher quality conversations

Eliminates risk of costly TSR penalties due to dropped calls

Custom 1-click voicemails and emails for unanswered calls

Reduce risk of scam/spam flags with our Tier 1 carrier

Dial smarter and skyrocket revenue

Multiply calls and live connections

Cloud based dialer

Multiply calls and live connections

PhoneBurner's cloud-based power dialer turns good reps into superstars. Get the efficiency of an auto dialer system, without the drawbacks. Minimize hangups. Eliminate dropped calls. Maximize live conversations. Reps average 60-80 contacts per hour, using our dialer.

Absolutely no “telemarketer delay”

Award-winning support and onboarding

Absolutely no “telemarketer delay"

Starting a call with an awkward pause frustrates prospects and hurts sales. Unlike auto dialers, PhoneBurner has no pause or delay. Reps hear contacts say "hello" and can respond immediately. So calls start with promise, not hangups.

Streamline soul-sucking workflows

No delay power dialer with superior call quality

Streamline soul-sucking workflows

Say goodbye to repetitive tasks, and let your team focus on what drives revenue -- conversations. With our software you can quickly make calls, leave voicemails, send emails, log calls, and perform post-call processes, all in a click. Reps save time and stay on their game. Win-win.

Automatically track performance

Remote sales team software

Automatically track performance

PhoneBurner tracks every call, activity, and outcome automatically, so you know what reps are doing and can make data driven decisions. Access custom reports and listen to calls live or recorded, for total visibility.

Protect your business

Trust and Safety for your business

Protect your business

Automated dialers and automatic dialing systems (which PhoneBurner is not!) are subject to additional restrictions and potential fines under the TCPA. Our industry-leading Trust & Safety initiative helps protect your business, reduce the risk of spam flags, and improve call answer rates and engagement.

The best dialing solution for outbound sales teams

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A modern solution for stress-free outreach

PhoneBurner contact manager on a laptop device and browser window.

Dial from anywhere

Log in from any computer. Make calls with any phone or our softphone. No IT staff or special equipment needed. Perfect for remote teams.

Easy to set up and use

Get your team up and running as early as today. PhoneBurner is highly customizable, yet easy to use, and seamlessly scales to any size team.

Award-winning support

We're real people, with a genuine desire to help you get results. Get guided onboarding and friendly, US-based support from day 1.

Features to help you save time and win more deals

Unlimited dialing

Power through calls with no per minute fees, and no contracts

1-click voicemails

Save 30-60 seconds every time you reach voicemail

Workflow automation

Send emails, set follow-ups, apply notes, tags and more in one click

Smart call lists

Create ultra-targeted call lists with advanced lead filtering


Display customized scripts to guide your reps through calls

Branded Caller ID

Increase call engagement with branded calling

Lead distribution

Intelligently distribute leads to your team based on custom rules

Call monitoring

Listen/speak to reps live on the line or record calls for easy review

Reports & analytics

Get real time and custom reports for all the metrics that matter

Seamlessly integrate your favorite tools, and get more done with PhoneBurner

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What are you waiting for?

Get breakthrough results and take your day back. Get started with no contracts, and no per-minute fees.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

An auto dialer or automatic dialer system is a kind of cloud based calling software that automatically dials through lists of numbers until a call is answered. At that time, the software either transfers the call to an available agent, or plays a pre-recorded message. Under the TCPA, an auto dialer or automatic dialing system has the capacity to use a random or sequential number generator to produce or store numbers.

Typically, an auto dialer is a multi-line dialer capable of calling several numbers at a time. After the automated dialer software determines that a call is answered, it will transfer the call to a live agent if one is available. If no agent is available, the call is dropped. When a call is transferred to an agent the contact record appears on the screen so they can then initiate the conversation.

In order to perform its function, an autodialer must determine whether a real person has answered. Only then can it transfer the call to an available agent. Consequently, there is a delay between the “hello” and when an agent is on the line and able to respond.

Every software is different but most auto dialers are cloud-based. Contact data is stored in the system so contacts can be selected and dialed. Agents can sign in and accept calls as they are answered according to custom rules. When being used as a robo dialer, no agent is needed and stored recordings can simply be played as contacts answer.

Automatic dialing systems are subject to increased regulatory scrutiny. Violating the TSR and/or TCPA standards can carry hefty fines and risks litigation from unhappy consumers, including but not limited to increased risk of fines resulting from dropped/abandoned calls. Additionally, auto dialer software is notorious for beginning calls with a pause or beep that is not only off-putting but can negatively impact the results of your call campaigns. Increased number blocks and short duration calls can negatively impact number reputation and increase risk of spam and scam flags. The risks and quality issues associated with traditional autodialers have prompted many sales professionals to pursue a safer, and more effective solution.

If your goal is productive live conversations, PhoneBurner's power dialer is an ideal alternative. Unlike automatic dialers, power dialers do not have the awkward “telemarketer's delay” that results in increased hangups, number blocks, and lower quality conversations. A host of Trust & Safety features protect your business and pave the way for higher answer rates, and safer, more effective communications.

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