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Is your outbound strategy ready for Live Voicemail?

Apple's Live Voicemail feature empowers contacts to screen calls and pick up while you leave a message. If you use a multi-line dialer, this is your wake-up call.
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Get ready for iOS17

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iOS 17 Update Coming This Fall

Is your outbound strategy ready for iOS17?

Block? Or accept? Apple's Live Voicemail feature empowers contacts to screen calls and make this choice. If you use a multi-line dialer, this is your wake-up call.

A Live Voicemail crash course

Live Voicemail will change the way contacts interact with your phone calls, and whether (or not) they decide to pick up.
iPhone screens showing how live voicemail looks
What is it?
Voicemails are transcribed in real time, and iPhone users can choose to accept your call as you leave your message.
What does it mean?
It means contacts are empowered to screen calls and choose who to engage with, giving one-to-one outreach a massive edge over outdated spray-and-pray technology.
When does it happen?
It's live! Apple iOS 17 released on September 18th, 2023, and Live Voicemail is enabled by default.

What do I do now?

3 key considerations for sales leaders and reps
With Apple's ~57% US smartphone market share, a significant percentage of your contacts will be screening calls. Doing nothing is not an option. If you rely on live conversations to build pipeline, book meetings, and close deals, here some key considerations for adapting to Live Voicemail.
PhoneBurner sales outreach product

Outreach technology

Your choice in dialing and outreach software is more important than ever. With Live Voicemail, consumers are more empowered to screen calls and choose who they interact with, putting multi-line and voice-detection technology at a major disadvantage. With efficient, scalable 1-to-1 communications at our core, PhoneBurner can help you adapt and capitalize on this game-changing moment.
Agent calling leads

Lead strategy

Lead quality is paramount. Cold and untargeted lists are far more likely to block your calls and damage your number reputation. The path to high answer rates and quality conversations is targeted, consent-based lists and processes that respect the value of every lead. Spray-and-pray is yesterday. Let us help you maximize the value of your hard earned leads.
Agent using the voicemail disposition button

Voicemail strategy

Voicemails used to be the “backup plan” when a call went unanswered. Now, they’re a golden opportunity to get a live answer. Every part of your voicemail strategy, from your script, to potential scenarios is ready for a revisit. Our team can help you adapt your voicemail strategy for iOS 17, and beyond.
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Move over multi-line; the future is 1-to-1

How can you navigate Live Voicemail with no live agent on the line? With iOS 17, businesses engaging in 1-to-1 outreach have a second opportunity to earn a live engagement, while those calling multiple lines and relying on voice detection are dealt a(nother) serious blow. Does your software balance efficiency and quality, or make you choose between the two?
How different dialers stack up:
Reach a high volume of contacts, efficiently
Reduce speed-to-lead with smart lead distribution
A live agent is on the line ready to interact with iOS 17 Live Voicemail
Connected calls begin without a beep, pause, or delay
Fewer hangups and higher quality conversations
Eliminates abandoned calls
Eliminates risk of TSR penalties due to dropped calls
Reduced risk of "short duration" calls and associated spam flags
Reduced risk of number blocking and associated spam flags
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iOS 17 Live Voicemail and dialing FAQs

Frequently asked questions

It's available now! iOS 17 officially released on September 18, 2023. When iPhone users download iOS 17, Live Voicemail will be enabled by default.

According to Apple, when iOS 17 is released, it will be available on the following iPhones: iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone SE (second generation and later), iPhone 14 (including Plus), iPhone 14 Pro.

The call experience to landline phones is unchanged. Android has a similar feature, however, it is not enabled by default and therefore adoption is lower. This may change as Apple's update brings Live Voicemail into the mainstream.

When reaching voicemail on an iOS 17 device, your message is transcribed on the contact’s phone in real-time. If they Accept, you’ll be connected to your contact to begin your conversation. The exact experience may differ based on a number of conditions, including: whether you are an existing contact, whether you are blocked by the contact or flagged as spam, and the status of the contact’s phone (e.g. locked or active).

When receiving a call on your iOS 17 device, you can expect to see a Caller ID along with certain options that include: Accept, Block, Message, or Send to Voicemail. If the caller begins to leave a message, you'll see the message transcribed live along with an option to answer the call. The exact options presented to you depend on a number of factors including: whether the caller is one of your contacts (or previously blocked), whether the number is flagged for spam, and the status of your phone (e.g. locked or active).

Multi-line dialers are built to call 3, 5, 10, or more numbers at once. Calls are transferred to an agent only after a live answer is detected. How can you navigate Live Voicemail and get your calls answered, if you're not yet on the line? Yeah, we don't know either.

This is one more reason to adopt a 1-to-1 software like PhoneBurner. After 15 years and over 1 billion connected minutes for our clients (every call 1-to-1) we're redefining how efficient and scalable human-centric communications can be.

You're already ready for Live Voicemail!

Because you initiate every call and are always live on the line, you're in the perfect position to maximize human connections and leverage Live Voicemail to engage more contacts in quality live conversations. We're here to help you continue to make smart use of time-saving features like 1-click voicemails, emails, and SMS to multiply touch points, save time, and have more meaningful interactions.

“40% increase in daily connections over our last dialer”
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“Our reach has increased dramatically, up 124% over last year.”
Kelly McIntyre | Life with Lydia
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