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Industry Milestones
PhoneBurner Milestones
FCC logo

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is established

The US government creates an independent agency that is responsible for regulating interstate communications.

A dream is born

In elementary school, brothers John and Paul Rydell share a dream of building a tech company that helps people communicate.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is established

Congress enacts TCPA to protect consumers from unwanted calls. Certain restrictions are imposed on robocalls, and automatic dialing systems.
PhoneBurner is not an automatic dialer, as every call is initiated by a live agent.

Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) is established

Congress enacts TSR which limits calling hours, prohibits telemarketer misrepresentations and requires specific disclosures, and prohibits calls to consumers who have asked not to be called.
PhoneBurner has built-in calling hour restrictions.
June 2003

The Do-Not-Call (DNC) Registry is created

Americans can register to prohibit calls unless there is a pre-existing relationship or written consent is provided.
PhoneBurner has built-in DNC management tools to help ensure its customers don’t dial contacts who have requested not to be called.
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July 2003

FCC revises TCPA rules

New rules address the use of predictive dialers, including the establishment of abandonment rates and requiring call ID information transmission.
As a single-line dialer that always has the dialer live on the call, PhoneBurner users will never be at risk of fines associated with dropped or abandoned calls (up to $500 per incident), which are not possible with our software.
Dec 2008

PhoneBurner is incorporated in California

The company launches with a mission to help sales professionals engage in more quality conversations with efficiency and scale.
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FCC revises TCPA rules

Businesses are required to obtain signed written consent for calls to wireless phones and to provide automated opt-outs during pre-recorded calls.
April 2012

1 million phone calls

PhoneBurner places its 1 millionth phone call. Each number is dialed one at a time, initiated by an agent who is live on the line when each contact answers.
April 2013

“Sad Tad” video is created

Our famous Sad Tad video calls clear attention to the fact that PhoneBurner is a different kind of dialer software, “not an auto or predictive dialer that telemarketers use to bug you at dinner time”.
September 2013

1 million conversations

PhoneBurner reaches a major milestone in its mission to deliver quality live engagements at scale, by powering its 1 millionth live conversation.

Entry into Salesforce Appexchange

Following quality, security, and utility reviews PhoneBurner is accepted into the Salesforce Appexchange, where we have maintained over a 4.8 satisfaction rating.
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July 2015

FCC expands autodialer definition

Devices with even the potential capacity to generate random or sequential numbers are considered autodialers, even if not used in that manner.
PhoneBurner does not have the capacity to dial random or sequential numbers.
September 2015

First phone number purchased

PhoneBurner gives its customers the ability to purchase dedicated local numbers to simplify outbound call campaigns and ultimately improve inbound call experiences.
October 2015

First inbound call

PhoneBurner routes its first incoming call, and begins its evolution from an outbound tool to an end-to-end communications platform.
Dec 2016

10 million emails

PhoneBurner sends its 10 millionth one-click email based on call outcome, helping clients scale best practices and simplify post-call followup.
March 2017

One million monthly conversations

PhoneBurner powers over 1 million live conversations in a single month for the first time.
August 2018

First text sent

PhoneBurner adds SMS to complement its voice and email capabilities giving customers more ways to connect with their contacts.
FCC logo
December 2019

TRACED Act signed

The FCC is tasked with combating illegal and unwanted robocalls through traceback efforts, enhanced call authentication (STIR/SHAKEN), and mandating robocall blocking services for consumers.
PhoneBurner fully supportsSTIR/SHAKEN and helps clients register to verify their identity when making calls.
FCC logo
June 2020

P2P texting clarification

FCC clarifies that a peer-to-peer texting platform where each message is individually initiated by a person is not an ATDS. This logic also applies to voice click-to-dial systems.
Unlike many other software providers that automate texting and calling, each PhoneBurner call and text is individually initiated by an agent yet streamlined to maximize efficiency.
December 2020

TRACED Act expansion order

Voice service providers must participate in the traceback process and implement due diligence measures to prevent customers from using their networks for illegal calls.
December 2020

DISH issued $210 million telemarketing & DNC violation

Marking by far the largest TSR penalty ever paid, the FTC sends a clear message “to would-be violators that telemarketing laws and regulations cannot be ignored”.
December 2020

DNC.com integration

PhoneBurner unveils an integration with DNC.com to help clients simplify DNC and TCPA compliance with smart, automated list scrubbing.
April 2021

Facebook v. Duiguid

The Supreme Court narrows the definition of an autodialer under the TCPA to devices that in fact have the capacity to use a random or sequential number generator to produce or store numbers.
According to the new definition, PhoneBurner is still not classified as an auto-dialer. Our system never dials random or sequential numbers, but rather helps clients choose smart, targeted call lists that drive high-engagement and stronger results.
April 2021

Robocall mitigation requirement

Voice service providers must submit a robocall mitigation plan and certification in the Robocall Mitigation Database by June 2021, outlining their strategies to prevent illegal robocalls.
PhoneBurner promptly submits its initial robocall mitigation plan in efforts to prevent illegal robocalls.
June 2021

Disposition-based SMS launches

PhoneBurner trailblazes one-to-one texting at scale with disposition-based SMS - giving agents the ability to send personalized texts based on call outcome with one click.
August 2021

FCR registration begins

To help clients improve number reputation, verify their identity, and reduce risk of spam flags, PhoneBurner begins working on our clients behalf to register their numbers with the carrier-sanctioned FreeCallerRegistry.
September 2021

A2P 10DLC registration begins

To protect customers and ensure high SMS deliverability, PhoneBurner begins registering customers for A2P 10DLC, carrier-sanctioned text messaging via The Campaign Registry.
February 2022

Branded Caller ID

PhoneBurner begins offering Branded Caller ID services so companies can identify themselves, reduce skepticism, and have better conversations.
With and without Branded Caller ID comparison
March 2022

Trust & Safety Launch

PhoneBurner launches a Trust & Safety team headed by Carly Kooperman to serve as a compliance partner and advocate for our customers.
ARMOR protecting your team's number reputation and answer rates
March 2022

“Know Your Customer” obligations

FTC requires voice service providers to engage in a 20-point Know Your Customer (KYC) process for new customers to help prevent illegal calls from being initiated on their network.
PhoneBurner continues to engage in an industry-leading KYC process and to work with its downstream carriers to vet and protect its customers and their legitimate calls, and to optimize live answer rates.
April 2022

100 million voicemails

As a testament to one of our most time and sanity-saving features, PhoneBurner users leave their 100 millionth voicemail, each initiated by a live agent with one click.
October 2022

TCR strengthens A2P registration requirements

Stronger business texting requirements are rolled out to ensure that consumers have provided consent for the SMS communications they receive.
PhoneBurner updates its A2P registration process to check for explicit opt-in consent and to vet messaging.
FCC logo
November 2022

Ringless Voicemail violation

FCC declares that ringless voicemails without written consent violate the TCPA.
PhoneBurners software does not support ringless voicemails.
January 2023

PhoneBurner mentioned in FCC Public Notice

The FCC issued a Public Notice requiring US-carriers to stop carrying phone traffic from a company using PhoneBurner to place calls to consumers allegedly on the DNC list.

In addition to immediately complying, PhoneBurner took significant measures to promote customer use and traffic origination standards considered best-in-class on the US phone network.

These actions simultaneously protect and benefit PhoneBurner customers: many who began to boast benchmark answer rates two to three times industry average.
FCC logo
March 2023

FCC multi-seller consent update

DNC protections are expanded to text messages, and lead forms must disclose sellers’ names in the body of the consent language, with consent only extending to named sellers.
April 2023

PhoneBurner is awarded SOC 2 Type II Certification

This rigorous third-party audit and certification certification is awarded to companies that have demonstrated the ability to safeguard customer data and maintain strict privacy controls.
May 2023

PhoneBurner becomes an approved TCR Partner

As part of our commitment to support the long term health of the SMS ecosystem, PhoneBurner becomes an approved partner of The Campaign Registry, the reputation authority for business texting.
May 2023

Trust & Safety expansion

‍PhoneBurner proudly welcomes Rick Moulton to manage our esteemed carrier and industry relationships and to help build strong, yet streamlined Trust & Safety processes that protect and benefit our customers.
Agent using a compliant software
July 2023

1 Billion Connected Minutes

Our company reaches the amazing milestone of 1 billion connected minutes, keeping agents fresh, focused, and fully engaged in productive high-quality dial sessions.
Jan 2024

1 Billion Phone Calls

PhoneBurner proudly powers its 1 billionth phone call.

15 years ago, we set out on a journey to revolutionize how our customers connect with their contacts. This huge milestone is both validation of the impact we're having together, and inspiration to keep redefining what's possible in the world of 1-to-1 communications.
Sales agent making calls in office.

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