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Simplify outreach with Local Presence

Give sales reps more opportunities to interact with leads wherever your business has a physical presence.

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Dial from numbers your contacts recognize

When leads don’t recognize the area code, they’re less likely to answer. Toll-free numbers fare even worse. PhoneBurner’s Local Presence feature can help you increase live answer rates by dynamically displaying a local number wherever your business has a physical presence.
Local presence matches your caller id to your leads local id.
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Get dedicated numbers for outreach

Safeguard your existing numbers with numbers dedicated to outreach. PhoneBurner makes it easy to use and organize your inventory of local phone numbers to simplify outreach and improve inbound experiences.

Covers every seat in your account

Whether you have 3 seats or 73, your inventory of numbers can cover your entire team. As your agents make calls, our system leverages your available numbers and intelligently routes callbacks to the right agent.
An entire team of agents.
Number rotation feature

Build reputation with consistency

Consistent call patterns are critical to the reputation of your numbers. PhoneBurner not only offers local numbers, but gives you access to intuitive features that promote predictable and consistent usage, even as you scale.

Monitor your numbers for flags

Number monitoring gives you the visibility you need to make smart decisions. Get notified of flags, pause numbers as needed and maintain a cleaner calling profile that supports long-term results.
The system detecting flagged numbers.
Local presence allows you to use numbers with local area codes.

Get Local Presence dialing today

PhoneBurner can automatically match area codes to your contact’s location wherever your business has a physical presence. A form must be completed and approved to help comply with the Truth in Caller ID Act.

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