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lead distribution software automatically delivers leads to agents

The problem with manual lead distribution

manual lead distribution takes time and resources

The problem with manual lead distribution

Any sales manager who oversees lead distribution knows the struggle. Manual lead delivery is an arduous task. Getting leads to remote workers is time-consuming. Errors are unavoidable. Leads that cost good money to produce can sit with busy or less productive agents where they grow cold. These inefficiencies cost sales teams time, money, and lost business.

Save time, and turn more leads into buyers

turn more leads into buyers with automated lead distribution

Save time, and turn more leads into buyers

LeadStream is PhoneBurner's game-changing lead distribution platform. It gives admins unparalleled control over their most precious asset - and agents instant access to the leads they need.

Using highly customizable delivery rules, LeadStream automatically distributes leads to the right agents, so they can be worked efficiently and effectively — from anywhere. That means more connections, more opportunities, and more closed deals.

Customize LeadStream to fit any sales scenario

Customizable sales lead distribution

Customize LeadStream to fit any sales scenario

LeadStream is designed to fit your needs. Create pools of leads telemarketing teams can pull from on demand, award real-time leads to the first agent to claim it, or distribute bonus leads to top-performers in specified quantities. You're in the driver's seat.

Setup is simple with our step-by-step interface. Just add individual agents to the LeadStream, define their distribution settings - quantities, lead order, daily/lifetime max, etc. - and set redistribution rules so unworked leads are redistributed before they go cold. As agents log into PhoneBurner, they can hit the ground running.

LeadStream Examples

Blind Pull: Rep gets leads without previewing them

1. Blind Pull

Leads remain in the shared pool until an agent is ready to make calls, and are distributed once their active dial session begins.

Usage Example: Ideal for getting agents dialing quickly with minimal setup, and when no data review is needed prior to dialing.

Lead blitz: Next available rep gets the lead

2. Lead Blitz

Active agents are notified of an incoming lead in real-time. First rep to claim gets the lead and contacts immediately.

Usage Example: Perfect for real-time leads. Allows agents to initiate a call in seconds, for optimal conversion potential.

Preview Pull: Rep previews and selects leads

3. Preview Pull

Leads stay in admin account until the agent is ready to make calls, then agent can claim leads based on limited preview.

Usage Example: For more experienced agents, or when some basic data needs to be reviewed before setting up a dial session.

Round robin: Leads will be rotated one-by-one to agents

4. Round Robin

Leads are rotated one-by-one to participating agents until each reaches their max allotment or leads run out.

Usage Example: Typical for bulk leads that you want evenly distributed among qualifying agents.

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