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The PhoneBurner Story

Delivering meaningful conversations since 2008

PhoneBurner's US-based remote team of software engineers, programmers, and sales professionals are united in a single mission – to help people using the phone as a relationship-building and selling tool, to do it better. We measure success in meaningful conversations.

PhoneBurner is a technology company in practice. We're a people business at heart. That means our dialer doesn't call numbers at will and frustrate live answerers with abrupt recordings or awkward connection delays. It drives results by helping salespeople be smarter, fresher, better organized, and more productive on the phone - with functionality and ease-of-use that has always set us apart.

The PhoneBurner team is positively committed to the users we serve. We strive to engage, support, and connect one-to-one. When a client tells us they love our platform, we want to know how we can make it even better. Our company also believes in making a connection with our local community and the world around us. Our partnerships with organizations like Miracles for Kids and Y-Malawi is some of the best work we do.
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Meet our executive team

John Rydell

Founder & Chairman

John is the co-Founder of PhoneBurner along with his brother Paul, and a life-long entrepreneur. As PhoneBurner's leader, he steers the company's strategy and operations. John earned a CS in engineering from UCLA in 1993 and spent time at Accenture and Mercer Advisors. He's an avid golfer, loves to travel the world with his wife and grown children, and serves on the boards of numerous charitable organizations.

Chris Sorensen


Chris is PhoneBurner's CEO. He works with PhoneBurner's talented team to make sure that PhoneBurner is bringing to market industry-leading solutions that help businesses grow. Chris attended Washington State University where he studied Advertising, and has since spent his career around technology. Working for a wide range of organizations, both large and small, Chris has held various executive positions in Revenue and Partnership roles. Outside of work, Chris loves to be with his family and enjoys a variety of hobbies.

Kevin Reeves


Kevin brings over 25 years of product vision, software development, telecom, and go-to-market leadership to PhoneBurner, where he influences every aspect of the architecture and user experience. He has a passion for solving real world problems through technology. Kevin is a University of Arizona alumni and Southern California resident, where he lives with his wife and two children.

Mark Pierce

SVP, Strategic Market Development

As PhoneBurner's Senior Vice President, Mark focuses on improving client outcomes, informing key go-to-market motions, and developing strategic partnerships that drive customer value. Mark brings more than 15 years of SaaS scale-up and growth experience, with a focus on client acquisition, marketing and revenue operations.

Ken Outly

VP of Customer Success

As a founding member of the PhoneBurner team, Ken brings a wealth of experience to the role of VP of Customer Success. His primary focus is developing and managing the customer onboarding process while leading PhoneBurner's award-winning support team. Ken knows the value of lasting relationships and his customer-first mentality builds positive experiences for new and existing members. Ken lives in Northwest Ohio with his wife, daughter and a few dogs and cats.

Rachel Hechter

Head of Product

Rachel leads our product team, where she uses her innate curiosity and passion for problem solving to help create software our customers love. Rachel graduated from Georgetown University with a B.S. in Computer Science, and lives in Washington, DC with her husband and 2 boys. Outside of work, you can find her on the soccer field or curled up with a good book.

Team Testimonials

Why we love PhoneBurner

Stacy Barnhart headshot
Stacy Barnhart, Director of RevOps

Genuinely good people

“If you are ever stuck and are looking for answers, every single person at PhoneBurner is genuinely kind and will go out of their way to help you find a resolution. Now that's teamwork at its finest.”
Review after 6+ months
Tim Lytle headshot
Tim Lytle, Software Developer

Work with us

“We're a highly collaborative, fully remote, growing team of smart developers - including speakers and thought leaders in the PHP community.”
Review after 5 years
Alan Saltz headshot
Alan Saltz, Copywriter

Incredible company all around

“I have felt valued, supported and empowered for my entire career at PhoneBurner. It's a product I am proud to work on, and the team and culture are as good as it gets.”
Review after 10+ years