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PhoneBurner for Salesforce
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  • Power dial from anywhere – including Salesforce
  • Absolutely no connection delays
  • Instantly leaves voicemails and sends emails
  • Unlimited calling plans start at as little as $5/day
  • Increase your contact rates and productivity in half the time
  • Choose your contacts to dial, record your voicemail message and start dialing

How to make power dials using Salesforce


Connect PhoneBurner to Salesforce

Salesforce integration for PhoneBurner is direct, which makes it easy for you to connect your CRM and start reaping the efficiency and productivity benefits of our Salesforce integrated power dialer.

Create your PhoneBurner account, and connect it to Salesforce using the app from the AppExchange.

The app will install into your production system or sandbox account. Log in with your Salesforce account to finish your install, and you’ll be close to making your first call.


Record Voicemail Message(s)

Record one or several voicemail messages that you'd like to use during your dial sessions. With the click of a button, our power dialer can leave your choice of voicemail whenever you reach an answering machine. There’s no need to listen to your contact’s recording either. Just click and you’re on to the next contact.

You can create and store as many prerecorded voicemails as you like so you’re prepared for any lead or topic. You can also create multiple voicemail buttons (ie. an English version and a Spanish version) so that you can leave the best message for each contact.


Choose the Contact You Want to Call

Select the contacts you want to dial directly from the Salesforce contact tab. Our power dialer for salesforce easily allows you to build and filter your target lists to save you time, and help you conduct more targeted and productive dial sessions.

Every time you dial, you’ll see your contact’s details like their name, mailing address and known phone numbers, contact history, notes, and more. Getting the scoop on your prospect beforehand can help improve your chances of making a sale.


Start Your Salesforce Power Dialing with PhoneBurner

Power dial with PhoneBurner through a landline, mobile or softphone. It’s as simple as picking up your phone, or logging into your VOIP, dialing into PhoneBurner and clicking a button. You’re ready to start calling contacts at a rate of about one per minute — just don’t forget to put on your headset!

While dialing through the Salesforce power dialer window you can also send 1-click emails, schedule follow-ups and edit the contact/lead record in real time - keeping your Salesforce data up-to-date.


Configure Your Power Dialer for Salesforce

Setting up our Salesforce compatible power dialer is easy. You can also reach out to our awesome support team at any time for fast, friendly assistance. They may find it hard not to mention that our dialer system can boost your team’s live client interactions and overall productivity by 447 percent.

That translates to 60 to 80 calls per hour, with no awkward pauses or dropped calls like you'd experience with an auto dialer or predictive dialer.

Use our step-by-step guide to install PhoneBurner for Salesforce. It will guide you through account creation, and seamless installation and integration with Salesforce. View our guide below to get started.

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How to Use Our Salesforce Power Dialer

Once you’ve installed our Salesforce power dialer, you can easily begin recording professional prerecorded voicemails and creating personalized one-click emails. You can also access powerful features like Local ID, call recording, and more. Then begin calling through your contacts with improved efficiency and productivity.

Learn how to begin a PhoneBurner session, configure each dial session and dial into the phone system with our helpful PhoneBurner for Salesforce guide below.

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