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PhoneBurner for Salesforce
  • Immediate setup, cancel anytime, start dialing today
  • Power dial from anywhere – including Salesforce
  • Absolutely no connection delays
  • Instantly leaves voicemails and sends emails
  • Unlimited calling plans start at as little as $5/day
  • Increase your contact rates and productivity in half the time
  • Choose your contacts to dial, record your voicemail message and start dialing

How to make power dials using Salesforce.


Connect PhoneBurner to Salesforce

Once you have a PhoneBurner account, you’ll connect it to Salesforce using the app from the AppExchange.


Record your voicemail message

Record a voicemail message that will be left for you when reaching an answering machine. You can record several different messages and choose the one you want when beginning a session.


Choose the contacts you want to call

Select the contacts you want to dial directly from the Salesforce contact tab. Salesforce easily allows you to build and filter your target lists


Start power dialing with PhoneBurer

It’s as simple as picking up your phone, dialing into PhoneBurner, and clicking a button. You’re ready to start calling contacts at a rate of about one per minute!


Configure your power dialer for Salesforce

PhoneBurner’s Salesforce power dialer dramatically boosts live client interactions and overall productivity by 447%. PhoneBurner automatically dials contacts live. If voicemail picks up, a single click sends a professional pre-recorded voicemail and personalized email. Salesforce records are updated as well, allowing the seller to immediately take the next call. Use this step-by-step guide to install PhoneBurner for Salesforce.

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How to use our Salesforce power dialer

Once you’ve installed our salesforce power dialer, you can begin calling through your contacts with improved efficiency and productivity. Use this document to learn more about how works within your Salesforce account.

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