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A quick analysis of predictive dialers and a top alternative

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Predictive dialers are one of the most well-known types of dialer software – not just by the companies who use them, but by anyone who has ever received a phone call placed by one. But is a predictive dialer really the right dialer for you?

What is a predictive dialer?

A predictive dialer uses multiple lines to move through a large volume of leads, and routes answered calls to the first available agent. The contact's information pops up on the agent's screen as the call is routed to them.

The software uses an algorithm - one that factors in the total number of agents, average length of call, percentage of live answers and other call metrics - to “predict” how many lines it should dial at once so that an agent will become available when a call is answered.

Benefits of predictive dialer software

The value of a predictive dialer is its ability to distinguish between a live answer and a machine. This time-saving determination frees agents from having to spend time waiting for a human to answer, in turn improving agent productivity. That allows for a significant volume of calls to be placed with fewer agents on the sales teams, and less time invested.

Predictive dialer disadvantages

The biggest selling-point of a predictive dialing system is also its biggest limitation. It has become infamous for its telltale “telemarketer delay” - the off-putting dead air that follows “hello” as the contact gets routed to an available call center agent. This pause can increase hang-ups, number blocks, and call abandonment, and jeopardize an agent's ability to have a high quality conversation over the phone.

This can negatively impact number reputation, increase the likelihood of spam flags, and reduce live answer rates.

For this reason, when success is measured by productive live interactions (sales or fundraising organizations, for example) a predictive dialer may not be advisable.

A delay-free power dialer is a better option.

Hear what a predictive dialer sounds like


Hear what PhoneBurner sounds like

Another disadvantage of a predictive dialing system is that they inherently result in dropped calls - which can put your business and organization at risk of fines and penalties. Unavoidably, some calls are answered when an agent is not available. When this occurs, the call recipient says “hello” but gets no response until ultimately, the call is terminated by the platform.

Predictive dialers and compliance

The FCC strictly regulates the use of multi-line dialers, such as predictive dialing technology. If an organization - with a few exemptions including non-profits - drops more than 3% of calls, they may be in violation of the TSR (Telemarketing Sales Rule) and the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act). The FTC imposes fines of up to $43,792 per incident for violations of the TSR.

Due to the complexity and potential for heavy fines for unintended misuse of predictive dialers, it's recommended to consult your attorney prior to use.

A dialer alternative that helps companies fully comply with the TCPA

Screenshots of PhoneBurner

Looking to make a lot of outbound calls, efficiently and effectively? It's time to explore a cloud based solution, customer-friendly, delay-free alternative to hosted predictive dialer software.

PhoneBurner's “power dialer“ powers thousands of clients and millions of phone calls every month - with delay-free connections that ensure calls start off with maximum agent performance and conversion potential.

PhoneBurner is a fully customizable dialing solution to fit any sales outreach process, and streamlines dialing, voicemail, email, call-logging, and more, to help agents increase productivity and reach up to 80 contacts per hour. Just focus on talking to live prospects. PhoneBurner's platform handles the rest.

Plus, unlike users of auto dialer and predictive dialing tools, PhoneBurner users do not risk TCPA or TSR violations and related penalties for dropped calls - which do not occur with our software.

Smart businesses power dial instead
  • Zero call delay
  • Superior business results
  • Unlimited dialing
  • Easy to setup and use dialing technology
  • Seamless CRM integration
  • No setup fees
  • No per-minute charges
  • Trusted by thousands of agents

“Having used many different dialing systems, I can unequivocally and objectively endorse PhoneBurner. Its simplicity, features, reliable and clear connections, and versatility have placed it as the #1 sales tool in my arsenal.

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