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Power Dialers vs. Predictive Dialers – Which Is Right for You?

Predictive Dialer vs Power Dialer

Before dialing technology emerged, every number had to be dialed one at a time.

Sore dialing fingers, mental exhaustion, wasted time—it was an arduous process.

Making 80 calls in just one hour without dialing even one digit? That seemed impossible.

Luckily, new technology makes the cold calling process much more efficient. You can reach many more contacts per hour, keep prospects better organized, and eliminate the finger fatigue and mental fatigue that comes with misdials, dial tones, repetitive voicemails, and wasted time.

This has been a game changer for sales professionals.

However, there are several types of dialing technologies—and in order to maximize your results and leave the best impression on prospects, you need to choose the right one.

Today, we’ll cover two of the most popular dialing technologies: Power Dialers and Predictive Dialers.

A Power Dialer, also known as a Rapid Dialer, eliminates the need for manual dialing and other repetitive tasks. It maximizes live interactions, and instantly moves from one contact to the next contact after a call is complete, voicemail reached, or a number is busy, disconnected, or there’s no answer.

A Predictive Dialer calls telephone lists on multiple lines at the same time, while live agents wait for a human connection. They can reach a very high number of prospects in a short period of time.

While both of these dialers can significantly increase your cold calling efficiency, they have some stark differences. And in the end, one almost always has the edge over the other.

Let’s look at the differences in Power dialers vs Predictive dialers…

The Awkward “Delay”

Have you ever answered a call from a random number, and said “Hello,” only for there to be a small delay before you hear a human response? You probably assumed it was a telemarketer, and either hung up, or put your guard up by the time you heard a response.

This is one of the dangers of using a Predictive Dialer. It “listens” to determine if the phone is answered by a person or by voicemail. If answered by a person, it alerts an available agent and pops up information about them on the agent’s screen. But because the agent doesn’t hear the person say “Hello,” there’s usually a delay before they can respond.

The person answering the phone may have to say “Hello” multiple times before they get an answer.

With a Power Dialer, the agent is always there. They actually hear the “Hello” and can respond immediately with no awkward delay.

Legality and Dropped Calls

Did you know that it’s illegal to have more than 3% dropped calls in the USA? This legal issue presents another problem with Predictive Dialers, that could result in fines of up to $16,000 per violation.

Since it calls multiple numbers at the same time, there needs to be enough agents to handle the answers. If there is no available agent when more than one person answers, those calls will be dropped.

With a Power Dialer, you avoid this issue, because one number is called after the other, instead of at the same time.

Pre-Recorded Voicemails/ Automated Emails

If your prospect doesn’t answer the phone, you can still salvage the potential lead with a quality voicemail, or a followup email.

Predictive Dialers, however, do not allow for personalized pre-recorded voicemails and custom emails. This results in wasted leads.

A Power Dialer allows you to leave a personalized voicemail with just one click. You can record several different voice messages and choose the one you want when beginning a session. With PhoneBurner, you don’t even need to listen to recipient’s voice message. As soon as you know you’ve reached a voicemail, you can click a button to leave your own—and immediately move on to the next prospect on your list.

You can also instantly send a personalized email based on the result of your call, as well as track when that email is opened, if an attachment is viewed, a link is clicked, and more – for powerful followup and conversion opportunities.


Predictive Dialers and Power Dialers both dramatically improve cold calling efficiency. While a Predictive Dialer can reach greater numbers of leads, a Power Dialer offers sales professionals more control and results in better connections with prospects.

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  • Some predictive dialer systems have an extra edge in efficiency and output not available in other dialing systems, the agents have the option at any time during a call to click on the “answering machine message” button or “3rd party message” button.

    • Good comment. With Phone Burner we have a feature called click to present that allows our members to add audios to their account that they can access during a live call and play to the contact while they are on the phone with them

  • Rajagopalan C

    Will the power dialer eventually become a machine one day? Will it replace the sales team?

    • No the nature of a Power Dialer requires a live human to be available to talk to people that answer the phone. The Greatest part of Phone Burner is that it takes advantage of technology to speed up the dialing process as much as possible but it doesn’t appear to be automated in anyway to the prospect. This makes the first interaction with the contact much more enjoyable and increases the likelihood that you can have a good conversation with them about your product or service.