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PhoneBurner is powerful call center dialing and lead management software for outbound sales teams — with tools for improving agent results before, during and after the call. Our dialer system has no contracts or setup fees - and is free to try without a credit card.

  • Nothing to install- PhoneBurner is cloud based. Agents can dial from anywhere. Use any phone. No tech expertise is needed to get agents up and running and dialing with success.
  • Reach more contacts- Dial up to 80 contacts per hour! Our power dialer software for call centers lets agents blaze through contacts 4x faster.
  • No pause dialing - When your prospect says "hello" and hears a strange pause before your agent starts talking, they either hang up or start the call with their guard up. PhoneBurner has no delay of any kind - resulting in higher quality conversations that grow your sales!
  • 1-click voicemails- If you use your call center dialing systems to leave voicemails when prospects don't pick up, this feature is a game-changer. Just click the Voicemail button and PhoneBurner will leave your message while dialing your next contact.
  • Email & Email Tracking - Send fully customized, one-touch emails based on the result of each call. Our SmartSender feature also tracks email opens, link clicks, video views, attachment views and more.
  • Detailed Reporting - No call center outbound solution is complete without robust reporting. With PhoneBurner you can monitor the metrics that matter for total transparency. Build custom historical and real time reports. Dive into dial sessions or set up reports to be emailed to you.
  • Smart Lead Distribution- Effortlessly distribute leads to agents to fit your sales processes, including real-time lead delivery. LeadStreams let you define who gets leads, how many, in what order, daily and lifetime maximums, how unworked leads get redistributed, and more.

The Risks of Routing Calls to Agents

Call center managers sometimes look for technology that will dial many numbers at once - and route live answers to the first available agent. However, there are several risks associated with using these multi-line call center predictive dialers that prompt many to find a different solution. We offer a great alternative to auto dialing.

The first is new TCPA and TSR regulations that govern the use of multi-line and autodialers. Among other things, you risk expensive litigation from unhappy consumers and potential fines for abandoned calls under the TSR of up to $43,792 per violation. Businesses need to understand the impact of both of these laws on their dialing practices.

Next is the risk that routing technology poses to sales. Think about the last time you got a call and heard that awkward pause after saying "hello". That's the software deciding whether a human answered - and then routing the call to an agent that can handle it. Your customers feel the same way you do when that happens - their guard is up, or worse... they hang up. Opportunities are often lost due to this kind of technology.

The Smart Outbound Call Center Solution

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Manage a Team With Ease

Get the tools you need to effectively manage your outbound sales team — with our admin dashboard. Managers have full control of seats and settings — with the ability create, enable, and disable seats, define importing/exporting rules, allow for contact sharing, and more. Valuable analytics and call recording logs help you monitor effort, track goals, and assess training needs. Content sharing (scripts, emails, disposition sets, etc.) means reps get up and running quickly, so they can focus on important tasks — like selling. To learn more about team accounts, click here.

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