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Guidance from the getgo

Guidance from the getgo

PhoneBurner works hard to take care of you, before and after the sale. We pair you with a certified PhoneBurner specialist who will guide you through a step-by-step process that builds the foundation for long-term results.

Your process, only way more efficient

Your process, only way more efficient

Our goal is to understand how you do business, and make that process smarter, faster, and easier using PhoneBurner. We’ll help setup your account and workflows, test and train your team, and build tracking and reporting around the metrics that matter to you.

“I took advantage of the Onboarding Call and later the Powercall. It was a fantastic experience. We were able to get our new telemarketing team up and running on the day they arrived, and they are now making hundreds of calls each every day! Our users love the platform and we cannot say enough about it!”

Tim R.

“Software paid for itself on the first day. It's simple, fast, customer support and onboarding is great.”

Christopher O.

For verified ratings of our services, please view our: 4.8 Star Rating on Capterra
Capterra Rating: 4.8 out of 5 with 170 ratings

Building success, step-by-step

A proven onboarding process our clients love

Identify goals

Your dedicated, US-based PhoneBurner specialist will take the time to learn your business needs and goals. We have a series of questions that helps us understand your sales process and discover actionable opportunities to improve performance and increase revenue.

Setup and test dial

With a plan in place, we work together to get PhoneBurner setup and configured for you. Users added. Workflows built. This culminates in a workflow test dial session to make sure everything works exactly as intended.

Contact strategy

Next, we’ll discuss how to get your contacts ready for call campaigns via import or integrating with another CRM or lead vendor. We’ll also cover custom fields and how to set up folders to optimize your workflows. Managing a team? We’ll talk about how to automatically distribute leads to your reps using LeadStream.

Train your team

We don’t just support our admins. Your dedicated specialist is happy to provide custom training for your team to get everyone dialing quickly and confidently. We’ll also help you set the proper user permissions so agents have just the access they need, With the precise scripts, emails, and dialer settings loaded, you’ll be set for highly productive and unified outreach.

Build reports

In this final step, your advisor will build the reports you need to track performance. From call recordings, to real-time leaderboards, to custom daily/weekly reports that can be emailed to you automatically, you’ll have the data you need to hold your team accountable and grow your bottom line.

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