Supercharge your pipeline with smart sales cadences

Systematize rep outreach so contacts are thoroughly nurtured at each stage of the funnel.

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Sales team increasing efficiency with cadences
Powering 2+ million monthly conversations for our clients
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“I love when my team keeps asking me who to call.”

- No sales manager ever

Guarantee action with automation

Eliminate downtime and call reluctance
Set up daily gameplans reps execute in seconds
Turn more leads into opportunities
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Create repeatable follow-up sequences that scale

Set up multi-step follow-up processes to guide your team's daily to-dos. Easily share cadences with existing and new reps so they can jump in with minimal setup and training.

Build smarter call lists

Ensure reps know who to contact and when, with self-updating lists and sequences based on custom filters. Reps can launch into one targeted dial session after another, in just a few clicks.
Smart Call Lists diagram. Filter leads into a call list.
Disposition button used to leave a voicemail, send an email, and sms

Engage in multi-channel outreach, without extra effort

Increase exposure and create deeper connections by blending voice, email and SMS into one click. Despite the automation, every interaction with PhoneBurner feels like personalized, one-to-one communication - because it is.

Maximize lead value with automatic lead distribution

Create shared lead pools or distribute leads based on custom rules so leads are quickly and thoroughly worked. Our game-changing LeadStream engine automatically feeds contacts in need of attention to the rep(s) best-equipped to nurture them.
Visual showing the flow of leads to agents using Leadstreams
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Fuel performance with data

Effective management means knowing that your leads are being worked to their full potential. Custom reporting and lead tracking gives you the insights you need to stay on top of your entire team and leadflow.

Get bigger results, in less time

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“A game changer for my organization... allowed me to minimize my staffing overhead and empower my current team to do so much more.”
Jordan T., LenCred
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50+ leads in an hour
“Our sales team loves the automated emails and the activities being logged for them. From an admin standpoint the maintenance is simple. Nice to have an app you can actually calculate an ROI.”
Lee Bennett, Vivial
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Wish we had this 6 years ago
“My reps are like, ‘Man, I wish we had this 6 years ago!’ They’re making up to 550 calls per day, each. That’s quadruple what they were doing on a good day.”
Joe Morford, Milestone, Inc.

PhoneBurner fixes holes in your bucket, so you find and convert more opportunities

Keep urgent calls front and center, always. Leverage quick views like "Today's follow-ups" to list everyone with a follow-up date set for today, or (gulp) earlier.

Smart lead distribution and shared lead pools funnel leads to your reps, automatically. PhoneBurner eliminates call reluctance, and keeps your team "dialed in" from the first lead to the last.

Prevent missed follow-ups with multi-attempt outreach sequences. Unreached or unworked leads can also be automatically redistributed to other agents, so hot prospects don't go cold.

Build dynamic self-updating call lists that your team can access in seconds. Pair them with dialer "presets" to execute campaign-specific workflows at scale.

A PhoneBurner customer success agent ready to help

Get expert help, included

We get your team up and running, and set you up for long-term success. Get free onboarding and cadence assistance (a $1500 value) from our award-winning US-based team.

“Software paid for itself on the first day. It's simple, fast, customer support and onboarding is great.” - Christopher O.
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