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“300 calls a day per rep is a breeze.”

“Our inside sales team has been using PhoneBurner for years, and the results have been fantastic. It’s given my part-time reps the ability to cover a full-time volume. 300 calls a day per rep is a breeze.”

Kevin Biagi

Sales Manager and Franchisee, Unishippers

“The best dang sales tool EVER!!!!”

“The best dang sales tool EVER!!!! If you’re in sales and make phone calls then it’s the missing link!”

Nick McGowan

Director of Business Dev, Woyster Media, Inc.

“PhoneBurner allows me to make as many calls in ONE HOUR as I used to make in FIVE hours…”

“I have been a phone salesperson/telemarketer for more years than I should admit to (over 30). Having used many different dialing systems, I can unequivocally and objectively endorse PhoneBurner. PhoneBurner allows me to make as many calls in ONE HOUR as I used to make in FIVE hours with other systems. Its simplicity, features, reliable and clear connections, and versatility have placed it as the #1 sales tool in my arsenal. Do not hesitate to try PhoneBurner. It delivers!.”

Laurie Davis

Davis & Associates

“The integration with our software is extremely easy to use…”

“PhoneBurner has been an invaluable tool for our clients. The integration with our software is extremely easy to use, both from our development and the clients’ sides, and our clients continuously rave about the increases that they have seen in contacting after implementing the tool. Clients both large and small have benefited from this addition, some reporting as much as a 3x increase in contact rate.”

Sarah Griisser

Director of Client Services, Leading Response

“Increased 60% within two weeks.”

“Phoneburner increased our outbound prospecting potential by 60% within two weeks.”

Gene Fay

VP of Sales, Co3 Systems

“An exceptional addition to my recruiting arsenal”

“PhoneBurner has been an exceptional addition to my recruiting arsenal. If you’re a recruiter who dials day in and day out, you should try it. I dial 75+ new people per day and it’s saved me anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes depending on the dial session. The extra time has allowed me to focus on my pipeline of business. It’s a ‘must have’.”

Paul J. Ganem

BDM/ Mortgage Recruiter

“Couldn’t do what we do without it”

“My two companies, Franchise Jones Consulting and Professional Recruitment Systems do lead development for franchisors and personnel recruiting in the financial services and mortgage field. We are continually expanding our use of PhoneBurner as an efficient way for our recruiters to reach more candidates more quickly and effectively than traditional ‘dialing for dollars’ and emailing the old-fashioned way. Couldn’t do what we do without it.”

Stefan G. Silverman

AKA Franchise Jones

“50 prospects in around 30 minutes”

“I’ve been using PhoneBurner for years and so has my team. It allows me to call and email 50 prospects in around 30 minutes. I have also used PhoneBurner to make weekly calls to my large team. Calling and emailing my team definitely does a great job of keeping them engaged and plugged into our system. Thank you PhoneBurner team!”

Robert Blackman

CEO, Profit Leads

“As many people in an hour as I used to in a day and a half”

“PhoneBurner has increased my efficiency by easily 80%. I used to be able to make 15-20 calls an hour because of all the time spent dialing, leaving messages, sending follow-up emails and taking notes.

Kent M.

Virginia, USA

“27 people in 29 minutes”

“Leveraging our time is very important. With PhoneBurner, I was able to call 27 people in 29 minutes!

I LOVE this system!

Now I can get through a 100 calls in an hour or so… and get on to other things. The phone does NOT feel like it weighs 500 lbs. anymore!”

Rita R. & Matthew B.

Hawaii, USA

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