The perfect CRM for phone-focused sales reps

Intelligently built to manage both contacts and call campaigns.

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Clarity for every contact

Know your contacts, where they are in your pipeline, and how they got there – in seconds.

Detailed contact records

PhoneBurner keeps the data you need right where you need it. A contact’s detailed history, call recordings, documents, text exchanges, and more are all conveniently stored together.

Call, email or text, in seconds

Send emails and texts right from the contact record. Save time with one-touch email templates and send personalized emails, instantly.

Smart email tracking

What happens after you click send? With Smartsender, you’ll know when contacts open an email, click a link, view a document, even watch a video – so you can follow up at the perfect time, with the perfect message.

call email or text crm contacts with phoneburners crm

Know who to call, every day

Engage in targeted, highly productive outreach from the moment you log in.

manage contacts and filter leads within our crm

Intelligent lead filtering

Search contacts every which way. Target based on tags, last call result, custom fields, location and countless other parameters. PhoneBurner helps you refine your leads for perfectly targeted outreach.

Call lists that build themselves

Create saved searches that dynamically pull in leads as they match specific criteria. Start dialing your perfect list in just a few clicks.

Unlimited call campaigns

Call old leads on Monday, new leads on Tuesday, and existing clients on Wednesday? Customize PhoneBurner to handle each unique process and workflow. Set it up once and boost productivity forever.

Distribute leads automatically

Manage a team? Feed the right leads to the right sales reps, automatically. They can just log in to their CRM and start dialing.

Work more opportunities, faster

Build a bigger, more engaged pipeline without working harder.

Reach 60-80 leads per hour

Our dialer increases productivity up to 400%, and keeps sales reps fresh and focused from the first call to the last.

Increase talk-time, reduce tasks

Buttons automate workflows for every possible call outcome, so reps spend their time having live conversations.

Create more touchpoints

Send instant emails and texts for any call outcome, with no extra effort. PhoneBurner dramatically increases touchpoints, keeping you in front of your contacts whether you reach them live, or not.

Total control over your pipeline

PhoneBurner can instantly move a contact to another folder, account, or even another CRM based on call result. So leads never fall through the cracks.

spend more time talking to your leads through our smart sales crm

Make numbers your North Star

Get the insight you need to make data-driven decisions

crm insights for sales performance

Activity snap-shots

Dig in to your dial sessions. Activities like calls, talks, voicemails, emails, and texts are always tracked and available for review.

Custom reports

Powerful management reporting tools – including analytics and real-time leaderboards – help you track performance and capitalize on opportunity.

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